Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Running - Racing Goals

Goals can get complex and sometimes we focus on a short term minor goal to the detriment of a longer term major goal.  Other times our short term goals compliment our major goals. 

My #1 goal is so simple - yet so hard to achieve from where I sit today.  I want to be on Team USA for the 24 hour world championship on September 8th, 2012 in Katowice, Poland.  The qualification period ends June 11th 2012.  Given my current fitness level, I believe this gives me 2 viable options:  3 Days at the Fair May 2012 in NJ and FANS24 in June 2012 in MN.  Nothing like last minute pressure to perform.

My #2 Goal is to run my 9th consecutive year of a sub 3 marathon in 2012.  Easy for some people - Not extremely hard for me if I am in shape, but it will be some day.  This is my goal that I hope keeps me interested in running for years to come.

But my goal between now and 2-1-2012 is to get my weight were it should be = 180#.  This will deliver the other 2 goals.  6'3 and 180 does not sound "Runner Skinny", but I do not have a runners body.  In May 2010, I was 195# and that was pretty ripped, so maybe the goal should be to get as fit as possible (Body fat wise).

Along the way I would like to give a smack down on a bunch of PRs in 2012.  Most my shorter PRs are way to old and as long as racing does not interfere with Goal #1 - Its time to add a bit of speed again.

Good running to all -


  1. I'm also a big guy - 6'6" 285#, so I'm following your updates with interest. Even though competing at the international level is not a goal of mine, the reality that, with enough hard work, someone my shape and size can make team USA is inspiring to me. I hope I get to meet you at 3days next spring. I did it in 2010 and 2011 and will probably go back in 2012. It's a great race. I know it'll be too early for you to use it as a qualifier, but is there any chance you'll go to ATY?

  2. Steve - Thank you for the post

    Size and body type is a handicap, but does not have to hold us back.

    Qualification period started in May 2011

    My issue is I do not recover very fast after races. Plus to do well I end up tapering 2 weeks and recovering 2 weeks for a marathon. 50 mile recovery is 4 week. 24 hour race 2-3 months.

    This means I can only run 1 or 2 good 24 hour races a year. That can only happen if I am in good shape to start. So, I need to get into good shape to be able to kill myself in a 24 hour race.

    ATY was originally on my schedule, But will not happen. I am running NC24 in September - Fat and out of shape, but hoping for a miracle.

    As always I could change my mind and race something before next May/June 2012.

    Good running to you!

    Michael Henze

  3. Hi Mike,

    These are some great goals. If you decide to do three days at the fair, I love in NYC and would be honored to be part of your crew.

    - Seanv2 (from RA)

  4. Sean - Thank you for the offer

    I will keep it in mind as we can always use the help. Maybe a miracle will happen and I can finish top 2 @ NC24 - And it would be a miracle.


  5. When you said May or June for a 24 Hour, I knew FANS would be a possibility, but I thought Cornbelt was the other choice. I've thought of doing it, but laps on a high school track might be a bit monotonous even for me.

    At 6 feet and 150 pounds, I look much too skinny standing next to most ultrarunners, who tend to be muscular.

  6. I would consider Cornbelt - But I had heard that they let non-race paticipants walk with runners and often the runner is in lane #1 and the non-race person may be in lane #2.

    This is hearsay and I believe Bonnie Busch is involved in Cornbelt and with her experience I have a hard time thinking she would let it happen.

    The non-Race participants should be walking / running out of play inside of the white line in lane #1.

    Long explanation - But that is why I will not likely consider Cornbelt.