Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 26th Day #2

I had a great day until after work.  My plan was to pick up my girls and a few movies.  I would do some running on TM while we all watched the movies.  My legs are still very unhappy, so I bagged it after 3/4 a mile. Time to snuggled and watched Marley - The Puppy years.  Somehow I managed to eat way too many calories including a large Hershey bar and a bunch of PB.  I have to learn to sit at home and not over eat.

Total Calories = 4200
Est Base metabolism = (2400)
Miles of activity 6.5 x 140 = (910)
Surplus = 890 calories
h20 = 130 ounces

Because my legs felt so bad, I decided to move my long run to Sunday morning from Saturday.

I am a rhythm person - I just need to get in a rhythm and I am confident it will happen.

Good running to all -
Food warriors - Battle on!

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