Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28th - Long run failure

I felt pretty good this morning - Although I continue to sleep way to much.  I am going to have to set an alarm on the weekend another 10 hours of deep sleep.

For me the key to long runs (30+ miles) is the pacing and nutrition.  This morning I just could not dial down the pacing.  With my current fitness level (Low) I should be running 8:15 pace for a 35 miler. 

For these long runs I find a nice 7 mile loop with a bathroom on one end and my truck on the other works well logistically.

Loop#1 - I felt pretty sluggish and slow.  By the end of the loop I had relaxed and warmed up - A beautiful morning - High 50s and low humidity.  Time 54:48 (7:50) - Too fast for my fitness, but wasn't going to kill me if I ramped it down the rest of the run.  I drank Endurox at the truck, grabbed my handheld and 2 gels and I was off.

Loop #2 - A nice breeze off the lake kept it cool.  There were a lot of people out running and walking.  I ran a mile or so a bit fast as I do not like to get passed (Stupid I know).  54:46 (7:46) - Again I could salvage this long run, just back down.  Endurox at the truck and 2 gels to go.

Loop #3 - At this point I started to think of all the Budget work I had to do today and how I could not really afford 5 hours of running.  The mental garbage started to build, so I decided that 21 would be enough and picked up the pace the last 3 miles.  Not really fast, just an enjoyable faster pace than I had been running.  51:56 (7:25)

So the long run turned into just a nice marathon training run.  21 miles in 2:41:06.

Next time I need to start a lot earlier than 7:00am, although I am not sure I will have the time before the end of September to go long again.  Maybe I will pick a week night and get it in??

Good running to all -

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  1. Long time no see, glad the running is going well. Ive been doing a lot of indoor rowing recently, if you're ever looking for a different kind of cross training you should take a look at rowing. Tall, strong guys with huge aerobic engines dominate the world of indoor rowing, it would be scary to see what you could do. If you're decide to give it a shot shoot me an email. Best of luck, hope to see you around.

    Adam harmer