Monday, August 29, 2011

August 28th Day #4

After this post my quest for weight loss will take a weekly format that is updated daily.  I will occasionally throw in a few other thoughts about life and training.

I ran 21 miles in AM and then worked 8 hours.  Getting home in time to spend some time with my wife and girls before their 1st day of school (8/29 seems early).  DD#1 is in 5th grade and DD#2 in 1st grade - They are still very excited to go to school.  I are poorly at work, stress does that to me.  I tried to go to bed @ 8:30 because I was dog tired, but I could not sleep.  I decided I needed to de-stress, so I went for a nice easy 10 miler at 10pm.

Total Calories = 4,475
Est Base metabolism = (2,400)
Miles of activity 31 x 140 = (4,340)
Deficit = 2,265 calories
h20 = 190 ounces

Deficit for week (4 days) 4,865
Weight at beginning 225
Weight at end 217
Total run miles 69
Total other miles 4

Rid of some poison and lower on glycogen then the start - Likely 1-2 pounds of fat loss max.

Good running to all

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