Monday, August 8, 2011

Leadville Training August 8th - 14th

Taper - It's hard to start taper when you have not done the training you want to, but to not taper only would make the situation worse.  My goal for the week is to hit 3 hill efforts, but many less reps.  I will shoot for 80-90 miles, 8,000 vertical of ups and downs and 4,000 vertical of walking on TM.

Of course the above was my plan and below is what you get when you injure yourself 2 weeks before a race - Take what life gives you and make the most of it!

M - 5 Easy @ Lunch / 6 Easy in PM
T - 60 minutes stairclimber (Yuck!) - 4200 steps
W - 20 minutes stairclimber + 4 miles running on TM @ Lunch / 10 min Arc trainer + 5 miles TM in PM
TH - 10 min Arc Trainer + 10 miles on TM / 5 easy on TM
F - 6 easy miles @ Lunch
SA - 8 with 1,600 vertical
SU - 7 on TM

Monday - It is obvious the twinge in my calf early in the hill workout is more than nothing.  It has moved down below the calf - I would guess upper Achilles tendon ... Poop! 
Tuesday - Gave into nursing the injury instead of ignoring - If I had 6 weeks I would do the usual ignore it until it gets better or worse recovery plan.  I do not know if I really get much benefit out of the stairclimber - Its something I have not done in a long time, so my legs give out (Speed wise) way before my hear rate gets much above 120.  At least I did not go get a Big Mac for lunch - So I got that going for me.
Wednesday - Nothing better or worse with the upper achillies tendon - I ran 4 miles and it hurt some, so I did not push it.  Man-o-Man do I want to be cranking some hill repeats tonight!  But it looks like caution will be the order of the day.
Wednesday PM - I think a good sign.  I did 10 minutes on Arc trainer then 5 miles running on TM - Feels a little better.
Thursday AM - 10 minutes Arc Trainer + 10 miles on TM - Only faint pain - I would really like to do some incline, hills or even run outside, but I think I better stay cautious and not test anything until this weekend.
Friday Noon - I managed a easy 6 outside - I definately could feel the achillies more on the pavement than the TM.  But it is 75% better than Monday, so I think I will be fine.
Saturday AM - Time to test the achillies - Ran 8 with 1,600 vertical.  I felt it more on downhill than uphill and I dare not go up to my toes climbing.  I would have to say the result was not great - not horrible.  I could feel it, but I did not aggrivate it. 


  1. Is the stair climber, just because of the inclines at Leadville? or part of your normal ultra buildup?

    I remember one of the strong ultra runners when I was in Texas, worked the stair climber regularly and most of his ultra's were on flat land.

  2. I use the Stair climber or Eliptical when I have an injury. I tweaked my lower calf / upper achillies tendon during Sunday's hill repeat workout.

    I tried running a bit at lunch today, but it still is a pretty sharp pain. I will likely do Eliptical or Arc Trainer tonight.

    Does the stairclimber help? I am not sure, since I do not do it regularly, I have a hard time getting my Heart rate > 120. I can do it with little engagement of my calf - so that is why I am doing it.

    I have know people who think it is a big help to a hilly ultra.

    Michael Henze