Thursday, August 25, 2011

Training Goals - Weight Loss

I realize that I have had  pretty poor performances in 2011 so far and with my current fitness level that is not likely to change.  On the other had, I have enjoyed 2011 and experienced some new things.

My goal for the remainder of 2011 is to position myself for success for 2012.  The number one current issue to take care of is my weight.  When you have 5 or 10 pounds to lose you can train hard and eventually it will start to slide off.  When you have 40 pounds to lose, you have to make a choice of what is more important:  Good training or swift weight loss.  Picking weight loss will mean that you will have many training runs go poorly: Runs you have to cut short or speed workout failures.

My current #1 goal is to lose 45 pounds by the end of the year.  I do not look forward to the task at hand, but 45 pounds in 4 months is realistic if one stays focused.

People reading this blog should be ready for a change in focus.  Weight loss versus training.  Of course I will still be running, but I will be focused on the best negative net calories per day.  If that means elliptical, stair climber or walking instead of running, so be it!

Here we go 8/25 #225


  1. Stay strong my brother from another mother!!

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