Thursday, September 1, 2011

Running 1-2-3 times a day & Nutrition for Heavy Training

For many of us time is the biggest constraint on training mileage.  Family, Friends, jobs and other personal interests all deserve their fair share of our time.  1st, most of us put these big blocks into our life's schedule and see what is left for running.  While seriously in training, some of us put our running schedule into life's schedule and fit what ever else we can - Making sure we can allocate a reasonable amount of time everything.

There are times I am running once, usually twice and sometimes 3 times a day.  I am blessed with a job that I can usually get 4-6 miles in at lunch.  If I had an unlimited amount of time I would run three times a day.  When I run one time a day I am fairly stiff for most of the day.  Twice a day is better, but by the next morning again I am stiff and sluggish.  But when I run three times a day, I am never stiff and running becomes much more fluid and coordinated.

The danger in running three times a day is over training - at least 2 of the runs need to be either recovery pace or slow easy pace - Garbage miles by some people's definition.  Nutrition, hydration and electrolyte balance will make the difference between breaking down or being a well oiled machine.

My next post will be about my nutrition for heavy training.

Good running to all -

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