Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Phil McCarthy - New 48 hour National Record

Congratulations Phil - We are waiting patiently for your write up ... here:


Phil has represented the US in the 24 hour race multiple times, he is the 2009 US National 24 Hour Champion.  He has taken a few swings at the 48 hour race and was ranked in the top 10 US athletes all-time.

257.34 miles at 3 Days at the Fair - Phil hit that one out of the park.  A talented and tough competitor - Sometimes you do get what you deserve!  As near as I can tell Phil did it with @ 136 miles in the 1st 24 and 121 + some change in the 2nd.


  1. Wow, that is seriously impressive. The mental focus alone is almost unreal.

  2. I have seen Phil perform a couple of times and he is all business. This is an example of what he is capable of when things go well. I was more impressed with his 2010 2nd place finish @ NorthCoast 24 when things were going poorly - He problem solved his issues and was able to grind out what he needed out of a bad day.