Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Leadville Training Week # 7 - Golf and Beer

This weekend was my annual hang out with friends, golf 18 holes Saturday and Sunday and drink all the beer I want.  I think this is the 5th year for my friend Scott and myself.  This year I was happy Tom and Brian could join us Saturday.  My goal each year is to squeeze in least 5 rounds of golf, so I got the 1st 2 rounds in this weekend.

Knowing I would not run much Saturday or Sunday, I stayed focused Monday - Friday to do some good "Post Ice Age 50M" training.  Sure enough Saturday included 20+ beers, but no running.  I did walk the 18 holes of golf and the way I hit the ball, walked at least 6 miles.

Friday, I stopped for a good trail run in at Nine Mile Forrest Area in Wausau before the festivities began.  The plan was for a long run at Nine Mile on the way home Sunday, but after 8 miles God had different plans.  Severe T-Storms, Hail and Tornado Warnings put a stop to the fun.

Week # 7 in review - Weight 215#
Monday - 5 easy tm in AM / 5 easy @ lunch / 6 easy on trail in PM (Ice Age recovery day)
Tuesday - 7 easy in AM / 5 easy @ lunch / 18 hill workout in PM - 12 HighCliff hill repeats
Wednesday - 9 easy in AM
Thursday - 25 hilly trail in PM (Ice Age trail - Glacial 50M - New Fane - past Butler Lake and back)
Friday - 6 easy in AM / 14 hilly trail in PM - 9 Mile Forrest Area - Wausau
Saturday - Nadda
Sunday - 8 hilly trail afternoon - 9 mile Forrest Area - Wausau / 8 easy TM at night

Total was 116 miles in 6 days with a good amount of trail / hill work.  But I failed in the speed workout category.  I also had 36 holes of golf and approximately 40 beers for the week ... But I actually ate really well despite the beer, so my weight is down 5#.

Good running to all!

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  1. actually a well balanced week for you.