Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ice Age 50 Mile - Great day to run

The race day weather was a real treat with low 50's through out the race and the rain held off until the 7 hour mark and then it just rained lightly.

I had posted before Ice Age 50 Mile my picks for the Women and Men.  Unknown to me both Chris Gardner and Christine Crawford would not be racing.  Although Christine could not race, she was around all day spreading her positive energy and helped the runners celebrate their races.

For the Women I had picked Cassie Scallon who is a really talented lady.  It was not her day and she really struggled.  She fought hard to hold onto 2nd place, but just couldn't do it and settled for 3rd.  Angie Radosevich ran a really smart and patient race and took 2nd overall.  Sandi Nypaver led from the start - the 22 year old rocked the course in a solid 7 hours 30 minutes.

On the Men's side it also saw a 22 year old - Shaun Pope take the lead early and never look back.  A fun fact is that Shaun and Sandi are dating.  Shaun was never pushed and finished with respectable 6 hours and 27 minutes.  Lon Freeman ran a great race to finish 2nd in 6:34.  It was not Zach Gingerich's day and he finished 3rd in 6:43, Zach had run 134 miles @ cornbelt 24 just 2 weeks ago.

Congrats to top men and women on an exciting race.


  1. Shaun is actually dating Sandi Nypaver, not Cassie.

  2. Thank you for the correction - I knew that and typed it wrong. That is a pretty major error - Sorry Shaun and Sandi!