Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ice Age 50 Mile Pace & Nutrition Strategy

Weather Forecast:  Low 50s to low 60s and rain - Pretty good weather for keeping a big horse cool, but the trail might get sloppy.  A lot can change in 5 days. 

Pacing strategy is pretty easy, I plan to run as a trail training run for the 1st 40 miles (Easy pace) and see what I am in the mood for the last 10 miles. 

Finish time?  I am in shape for a 7:45-8:15 finish.  How do I come up with that?  Last time I ran Ice Age I was 215# and in @ 3:05 marathon shape.  I had not trained on any trails or hills prior to the race.  I ran 7:36.  This time I am 220# (+5) in about 3:10 marathon shape(+5), but have run a nice amount of hills and trails.  I am strong, but not fast.

So reality - I have no idea, but I am in a mental place to enjoy the day and not push hard, so I am shooting for < 8:00.  I would also like to be able to enjoy drinking beer with friends (Old and new) after the race ... Beer goal >= 8 beers.

Nutrition is a bit more interesting.  The aide stations at Ice Age are close enough together you can run with 1 handheld, or some try to run with nothing but aide station liquid  ala Kim Holak 2008.  Last Ice Age I ran with 1 handheld and ate 18 gels.  This time I would like to get more calories and since I am not "Racing" I would also like to stay fully hydrated.  So the plan is to wear a camelback and carry a handheld to mix endurox.

I would guess I am going to look like a pack horse (or jackass) loaded down with stuff.  But I plan on carrying 6 or 7 baggies of endurox (300 calories each), 14-16 gels and 15 S-caps + TP and amodium.  Between the 70 ounce camelback and other food, I will be lugging @ 5 extra pounds at the start.

Succeed S-Caps -- Every 30 minutes
Endurox R-4 -- Every hour
Powerbar Gels -- 2 per hour

This should put me @ 500 Calories per hour or 4,000 for the race.  More than I need, but I like to practice eating for longer races.


  1. I'll look for the tall, big, fast guy with the backpack on!

  2. 6'3 220# but I will not be starting real fast - It takes awhile to get this big horse lathered up. I just got my go faster hair cut (3 on side / 4 on top) I will have the raceready shorts that are way to full of crap, a waist pack if I can find it, a yellow handheld and a camelback.

    Please introduce yourself -

    Michael Henze

  3. Carrying 6 or 7 baggies is much more convenient i think and you will get all the nutrition you need in one place at different times