Sunday, May 8, 2011

Leadville Training Week # 5 - Taper Smaper

1st things 1st - I have to recognize my wife and mother of my 2 darling daughters on  Mother's day.  Without all her support, understanding and sometimes just plain tolerance, I could not accomplish 1/2 of what I do running.

I really hate breaking up a good block of training for tapering for a non-goal race, so I usually do a mini-taper at best.  Ice Age 50 Mile is no exception with 4 good workouts this week and 133 miles. 

Well, truth be told, I did back down starting Thursday on my High Cliff tower road hill repeats.  Originally planned for 16 reps, I cut it off @ 10 reps because it was starting to move from a solid workout to a really tough workout.

The week was also solid on the eating, sleeping and nutrition front - A beer free week :(

I will back down starting Wednesday this week for Saturday's 50 miler - I will talk about my goals and pacing / nutrition plan on Wednesday.

A good week - Not a great week.  But if I could can this week and repeat it every week until Leadville, I would be right where I want to be.

Week # 5 (103 Days to go) - 220#

M 16 on TM in PM
T 10 easy in AM / 6 easy @ Lunch / 21 on Ice Age trail (Glacial 50M) in PM
W 5 easy in AM / 8 with 4 @ T in PM
TH 8 easy in AM / 16 Hill - 10 tower hill repeats in PM
FR 8 easy in AM / 5 easy in PM
SA 16 with 4 @ T on Wiouwash trail in AM
SU 7 easy in AM / 7 Easy in PM

Total = 133 miles in 13 runs

Good running to all!


  1. Nice week Mike and yes Happy Mothers Day to Jill, she is a great person and wife.

  2. Wow, Michael, that's some impressive training. You'll do well at Leadville.