Monday, May 2, 2011

Ice Age 50 Mile - The Women

This is the last race in the Montrail Cup series and at stake - The top 2 spots get entry into WS100.

I am not an expert in the ladies ... or fast lady runners, but it is fun to speculate and post my favorites for the Ice Age 50 mile race.  To the fast women that I have left out, I am sorry - But I can only pull from the women that I recognize.

I have to start with one of the all-time best from Wisconsin - Christine Crawford.  She has won many races, some outright.  Past winner of the Ice Age 50 Miler and always dangerous.  She has struggled with injuries the last couple of years, but if she is healthy and ready - A force to be reckoned with.

Next, A WI lady transplanted into CO - Cassie Scallon.  Cassie is a young runner who came back to WI for the Glacial 50 Mile last fall and blasted the course record in 7:45.  Glacial 50M is @ 12,500 feet of gain & loss versus 7,000-8,000 at Ice Age 50M.  I would guesstimate that 7:45 would translate into < 7:15 is she is in the same shape.

A local lady (Appleton, WI) Angie Radosevich is a talented runner who is still figuring out ultra-running.  Likely she has more pure speed than the rest of the women and an excellent trail runner.  I am looking forward to the day when she dials in the pacing, nutrition and hydration - Maybe it is at Ice Age. 

Sandi Nypaver - I do not know much about this 22 YO from Ohio, but ultra-sign up  looks like she should be considered - With good success in her 100 milers.

Mary Flaws - Mary is a Wisconsinite that is young in spirit and only found ultra-running the last few years.  She has pretty good speed and showed her toughness in the ugly conditions @ KM100 last year. 

I really struggle picking against Christine - But I like Cassie in this race - Followed by Christine and then it could be any of 5 women - but I will go with Angie.

Like many things in life - I am sure I will be way off base.  But as a fan it is fun to share my thoughts.

Who do you like?

Wednesday or Thursday I will share my thoughts on the Men.


  1. I am excited to watch Angie develop her Ultra talents

  2. So am I. Although I think she is getting married this year and I am sure that it might complicate things.