Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cheeseburger and Beer Run

Last night I hit HighCliff State Park to grind out some hill training - Running the 1.5 mile hill loop up to the tower.  I was happy to hit 12 loops and to feel good only 3 days post Ice Age.

During the run I was thinking about my friend Richard who is battling a severe case of Lupus.  I am confident he will win the fight, but currently it has taken running from him + more.

Richard and I have virtually struggled together against weight and supported each other to a healthier life style.  Before a long trail run Richard loves his double cheeseburger and after he celebrates with a few drinks.

During this workout and contemplations of life, I was reminded to appreciate the blessing of running and being fit.  Also that I need to celebrate from time to time during the journey. 

To celebrate post run it was time was a cheeseburger and a couple of beers (Fat squirrel by New Glarus)


  1. Nothing wrong with a double cheeseburger and beer run! Glad you are getting those runs in as well!


  2. Add some bacon to that cheeseburger, and it would be the perfect race meal.(Before the race, during or after - no matter). I'm pretty sure Richard enjoys a little bacon.........

    Enjoying grilled buffalo chicken and Magic Hat Vinyl Lager as my post race meal today.