Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Women of FANS 24

As a fan of 24 hour racing it is always fun to guess at the favorites and who will win.  I am sure I have missed someone, but with a quick look through the list I came up with 4 women of whom I think one will be the winner.

Sue Olsen ~ Sue has run 15 out of 25 of the top distances by women at FANS 24.  She has run 2,377.24 miles in 21 years of racing FANS = 113.20 per year average.  I am told one of those years she only ran 50ish miles and gave birth the next day to her son Miles (Urban Ultra Legend or True?) She has won the race 13 times.  She will run > 100 miles and finish in the top 5.

Liz Bondar ~ Liz ran 112.59 miles at the Spring NC24 race.  That would put her in top 5 at FANS.

Sonja Decker ~ I have seen Sonja at a few races and I know she has talent.  She has yet to run as long as she will have to at FANS.  I remember finally passing her at the last aide station at the Fall 50M in 2010, she ran a 7:14:59, but has been on pace to break 7 hours.

Kim Martin ~ I do not think I have ever seen Kim not looking ripped and super fit.  Kim has a ton of ultra experience and has run in the low 120s a few times for the 24.  I do not think it has all come together for her in a 24 and she is capable of at least low 130s.

I think Kim Martin (If healthy) has the best chance at the victory - She won the race in 2009 with 121.64 miles.

The bump spot for the Women's 24 hour Team USA is Carilyn Johnson who ran 130.92 at Desert Solstice 24 in December 2011.

FANS 24 course record is 130.75 by Sue Olsen in 1994.

Currently there are 14 women and 69 men on the FANS 24 entrant list. 

Good running to all!


  1. Sue ran 66 and gave birth the next day. She's still the one to beat, though age is getting to be a factor.

  2. I agree with Mike, I was up there running the year Kim Martin ran 121, the weather was awful, cold and down pouring she never even budged on her pace and was joking the whole time. I think she is the one to beat, but Sue is definitely a crowd favorite.