Saturday, May 19, 2012

FANS24 Hour Hay is in the Barn

I started this week with 3 bad eating days + Saturday and Sunday last week = 5 in a row.  Happily I only gained 2 pounds, but I was suppose to lose 2 pounds ~ so it cost me 4.  4 pounds is worth at least 4 miles in the 24 hour race, but I cannot dwell on the past only look forward to the future.

I will end the week with 145-150 miles (70-75% max) of which 127 were done Monday-Friday.  Friday was my last effort over 2 hours = 4 hour trail run on the technical - hilly Ice Age Trail in the Northern Kettle Moraine.  Why the heck would I run a hilly, technical trail before a flat pavement 24 hour race?  I am not sure - Other than I like it and its health food for my spirit.  I guess there is some benefit to strengthen hips, knees and ankles. 

My last 14 days will be very hard for me = taper.  Next week will be 100 miles or under and I am allowing up to 35 miles in the 5 days before FANS 24. 

Training is 1/2 the battle - The other half is what you do in taper: 1)  Stick to taper plan  2)  Keep hydrated  3)  Get nutrition spot on  4)  Stay away from sick people  5)  Keep stretching and 6)  Sleep is my friend.  the next 1/2 is pacing and the final 1/2 is "in race" problem solving issues.  I know that is 4 - 1/2s but each is almost as important as the other.

I cannot control the weather.  If the weather is really hot (80+) and humid I cannot let that stop me ~ I will have to channel my inner Mike Morton or Serge Arbona who have proven they are kings of the heat.

I will post in the next two weeks; Pacing strategy, nutrition strategy, 1st aide I will have available and gear I will use for FANS24.

Good running to all!

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