Monday, May 7, 2012

2012 NorthCoast 24 results

Some big numbers put up at North Coast 24 this last weekend ~ 2 possibly 3 people punched their US National 24 hour team tickets

Serge and Connie were already auto qualifiers from past National Championship Races.  Sabrina had run 137.82 as a qualification distance.  So Jon Olsen, Joe Fejes and Suzanna Bon are the new additions to the qualification list.

Sabrina - The little ass-kicker just broke the US Woman's Record.  I hope it can be ratified as the new American Record ... I heard there were some issues with chip lap counting.

Jon Olsen ~ 158.53 puts him squarely at number 2 of 3 on the open spot part of the list.  Number one is Mike Morton with 163.9 and number 3 is Joe Fejes with his 142.08.  Joe gets to be the scoreboard watcher in the club house and there are 2 more races with people gunning for his spot.

Connie ran 140+ miles again ~ Damn is she strong and consistent.  Suzanna is a great runner and fun person, I am happy to see her hit 133.97 ~ She is capable of more on the right day.  Carilyn Smith with 130.92 now occupies the bump spot for women.

Now I am making the assumption that both Jon and Joe are US citizens elgible to compete for Team USA (I really think they are)

2 race left in the qualification period:  3-Days at the Fair (May 12-13) and FANS24 (June 2-3)

Here is where I have the current list - By far this will be the deepest strongest teams (Please everyone stay healthy) the US will be putting forward.  3-140 mile women and at least 1-160 mile man + 3 -150 mile men.  It is an exciting time is US Utra-Distance running with great performances in both 100k and 24 hour racing.

The 2012 World Championship is September 8-9, 2012 in Katowice, Poland

Women (4 open spots)

* Connie Gardner 144.72 (2010 and 2011 US National Champ) - Auto
* Deb Horn 131.75 (2011 2nd place US National Champ Race) - Auto
Sabrina Moran 147.90 (NC24) - Open
Anne Riddle-Lundblad 140.26 (Freedom Park) - Open
Suzanna Bon 133.97 (NC24) - Open
Carilyn Johnson 130.92 (Desert Solstice) - Open
Lisa Bliss 125.98 (NC24) - Open
Anna Piskorska 122.83 (2011 Accross the Years) - Open

Men (3 open spots)

* Serge Arbona 156.49 (2010 National Champion) - Auto
* Phil McCarthy 153.37 (2011 National Champion) - Auto
* Johnathon Savage 146.28 (2011 2nd place National Championship) - Auto
Mike Morton 163.9 (Hinson Lake) - Open
Jon Olsen 158.53 (NC24) - Open
Joe Fejes 142.08 (NC24) - Open
Harvey Lewis 140.58 (NC24) - Open

61 Olsen Jon M 37 Y 176 158.53 158.53
2 Arbona Serge M 47 Y 170 5 153.13 153.43
70 Moran Sabrina F 25 Y 164 3 147.72 147.90
1 Gardner Constance F 48 Y 158 142.32 142.32
35 Fejes Joe M 46 Y 157 11 141.42 142.08
79 Bon Suzanna F 47 Y 148 11 133.31 133.97


  1. There's at least two women I know gunning for a spot at FANS, but you may have the men's race to yourself. Where did Morton come from?! Also, Cornbelt was this past weekend and there might be a qualifier among the women there (awaiting results).

  2. It was hot at Cornbelt. No one ran over 110.

  3. I have heard maybe Annete Bednowsky and Lisa Bliss. Both are thinking about it, but not committed. Are these the same 2?

    Morton Ran 153.9 in 2010 and the 163.9 in 2011 in excessive heat. Many years ago he won Western States. Last year he was on the team that never got to run.

    There will always be a rookie that has potential to run well + I expect a few last minute names to pop on the list.

    Although I love FANS race, race committe and support the cause - I am running to try and make the US Team. A win would be nice - But the mileage is better.

  4. Mike, Just wondering if you have a crew/pacer for Fans I know I will be down spectating instead of running this year. I appreciate the help last year so I'm open to repay the favor. I know my friend Don has really followed all your tips. He will be my underdog pick at the race. He has put alot of miles in for a long time but no experience.

  5. Thanks Tim - I did not mention Don directly - I have spoke to him and he is feeling a lot of pressure. I do not think it is fair to put a lot of pressure on him in his 1st 24 ever ... He should be able to just experience it and let it happen. My 1st one I did 123.5 miles ~ I got to feel pretty good about the race because there was not anybody putting high expectations on me. My challenge to him is to beat my virgin effort.

    As far as Crew - My wife crews for me. She will have relief from my friend Jen Aradi is she needs it - Jen is doing the 12. We are bunking with a few people and likely setting up right next to Don. The more the merrier - I am not sure who Don's crew is, but its nice to have company and give breaks in the wee hours of the morning.

    I look forward to seeing you at the Lake!

  6. Incredible performances for the runners who made the team. To experience 122 - 144 miles in 24 hours as a female, amazing! Thanks for sharing the stats, I look forward to seeing how the season progresses and the outcome for the Championship.

    I'm trying to work it out so I'm at FANS as much as I can fit into the family schedule. It's inspiring to see runners of all paces complete this event. Depending on how the year rolls out and what happens next year, I may give the 12 hour race a shot. No commitment, but it's on my radar for the "one day" plan. I think I'd prefer a long race in the trails, but the camaraderie of FANS is infectious.

  7. I was thinking of Bednosky and Sue Lucas, but Carilyn Smith might show and try to better her total.

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