Thursday, May 10, 2012

Training week ended May 6th 2012

201 miles - 13 runs - 27 hours 51 minutes

I was nervous about last week - It is my annual "Go out north to golf and drink weekend".  I have been in such a great rhythm that I hated to get into a bad rhythm this close to FANS24.

I concentrated on being spot on for eating, sleep and running Monday - Friday, not knowing how much I would fall down over the weekend.  I made sure I got up to the cabin too late Friday night to drink by stopping in Hatley and running 26 miles on the Mountain Bay rail trail.  That was a fun run with a lot of bonus protein (mosquitoes) at dusk.

I had a blast golfing with Scott, Tom and Brian Saturday.  Golf, alcohol a good bar burger and the  Kentucky Derby.  I insisted that Scott and I were going to drive down (25 minutes) to see our friend Dan who was in town visiting his family and for opening fishing.  I have not seen Dan in 3 years.  I think this saved us from the usual totally sloppy drunk night.

Sunday rain forced a cancellation of any golf or fishing.  This got me home at a reasonable time and I ended up running 45 miles on the TM.  I thought about hitting 50+, but I still felt good at 45 so I took the money and ran with it.

It turned out to be a really good training week made even better with some down time with friends.  Now I just need to keep riding the goodness into taper and racing.

Good running to all!

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  1. The only person I know who can legitimately say "I got home at a reasonable time, so ran 45 miles on the treadmill".