Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week ending 4/29

183 miles in 15 runs 25 hours 12 minutes

Nice week of training ~ 47 mile long run on a rail trail Tuesday night.  Thursday night was West Side Story at our local PAC.  Dinner, drinks and the show with my DW Jill.  Saturday we left for the WI Dells indoor water park for Kate's (DD#2) 7th Birthday weekend.  So I only ran once Saturday and once Sunday.  It turned out to be a bad eating weekend with beer and loads of garbage in hotel.  Beer = Evil ~ Why do I love you so?  This carried over to home at Sunday evening and left me a bit down mentally going into the new week. 

Yes, I can run 183 miles in a week and gain weight ~ Oink!

I am writing it off to a great couple of outings with family and some much needed relief to my body in my quest to lose another 15-20# before June 2nd.  I was getting a bit beat up with the mileage and weight loss efforts - So we will call it a last re-set before the final push to FANS 24.  Now I must be spot on with eating and training - I have worked way to hard to let a bad 4-5 weeks sabotage a good 24 hour race.

Good running to all!


  1. New week, fresh start. You enjoyed a weekend with the fam so no regrets with that. Still got time for FANS to clean it up and feel light again. I mean 180+ miles a week, just think of all the fuel you have to burn up this week.

  2. Good luck with the final push. You can do it, big man!