Thursday, May 31, 2012

FANS24 - Final Thoughts

Today, I decided that I am not fighting the same cold I have had for 12 days, I must have picked up a new cold camping last weekend.  I rarely get sick and here I am 2 days out to a goal race with impacted sinuses and clogged lungs.  The original cold was only a chest cold and was on its way out last Friday.  I guess when 7 or 8 families get together and do community meals there is a higher risk of getting something.

Sleep has been limited and fitful, but I still hold onto the hope that it will subside just in time to not be a factor for FANS 24.  Either way, I am all in committed to giving my body maximum abuse to see what mileage I can squeeze out of it.

The talent is a bit deeper this year at FANS 24 - I think because it is the last race before the cutoff to qualify for the US 24 Hour Team that will go to the World Championship in Poland early September.

I am focused on the men's side.  I am sure I am missing some runners, but I can only note the few that I recognize.

Joe Fejes - Joe ran  142.08 at the spring version of the NC24 ~ Joe is currently occupying the 6th and final spot (Bump spot) on Team USA.  Joe has the luxury of not having to run > 142.08 ... If no one does, he is on Team USA.

Harvey Lewis - Harvey ran 140.58 at 2011 Fall version of NC24 - He is capable of more.

David James - Talented 100 miler that has run enough 24 hour races to start to understand how to transition from fast 100s to a load of miles in the 24.  David was looking for a crew for FANS24, so I am assuming he is racing.  He is not on the entrant list yet.  One of these races I am hopeful he is able to hit the long ball in a 24 hour race - Definitely capable of 150+.

Edited to add:  Jordan Hanlon ~ Who just won Lake Wobegon Marathon May 12th in a time of 2:35.  He has struggled, but gained experience completing 3-100 milers in 2011.

I have a friend doing his 1st 24 ~ He has talent and is well trained, but it is not fair to call him out in his 1st 24 ... But good running!

My plan is the same as always ~ To ignore all the other runners and just try and put myself in a position at 100 miles to hit a total > 142.08.  I am well trained ~ Almost 3,000 miles YTD.  I am still A-Big-Horse and will weigh in @ 205# fully glycogen loaded and hydrated.  The other possible negative - I have less speed training, I am 30 seconds per miles slower in my Marathon Pace then in other successful attempts.   The new wild card is having a cold ???

Just as a matter of note ~ Jon Olsen ran 158.53 at Spring NC24 and occupies the #5 spot on Team USA.  I cannot fathom a way two runners could run above this total on the FANS24 course.

I am excited to experience another 24 hour race.  It is guaranteed to take me through a wide range of emotions (highest highs to lowest low times) and I always find something new out about myself during the race.

Good running to all -

PS - I will report out early next week


  1. I hope it is just a second cold and not allergies or a secondary infection (I always seem to get sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia after colds). I'll look through the entrants and see if i can find anyone you missed. The 12 hour will go out hot - Russell's planning on a 6:20 50 Mile (and then stopping) and Storkamp still plans to aim for the record (90 8-minute miles!?).

  2. Jin Cao may be the dark horse; he won a 100 miler in 18 hours, but I don't know how hard the course was (it's European). Jordan Hanlon just ran a 2:35 marathon; he's fallen apart in trail 100's, but perhaps flat works for him.

  3. Renee and I hope to be up there early evening through the morning to cheer you on and keep Jill company. If not good luck.

  4. Good luck at FANS!! I hear the the 24HR Team calling your name.

  5. Oops. Russell's planning a 5:20. And you needn't worry about Cao, as he's not an American.

  6. Big Horse - Good Luck tomorrow! It will be great fun (and a nice diversion from my own pain) to watch your unfathomable hours and miles of training get you where you aim to go. Rock it and run light.