Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FANS24 Nutrition plan

FANS 24 is only 3 days away.  Last night I took the packing list from yesterday's blog and plowed through 50% of packing.  Funny, if we were not driving, I would fit it all in 1 - suitcase and now I will end up with a full trucks worth of stuff.

My nutrition plan is pretty easy, although I could always call an "in race" audible - I rarely deviate.

I will eat 1000 calories of something - Pancakes or muffins 3 hours prior to the race start.  I will also take succeed pre-race pill pack 60 minutes prior to the race.

In Race
Lap 1 (21-22 minutes) - Crew passing a handheld with a Powerbar strawberry banana gel
Lap 2 - Crew passing a handheld with a Powerbar stawberry banana gel + S-Cap
Lap 3 - 270 Calories of Endurox R4 (Orange or Green) + handheld with water


Every once in a while I will take a banana along with the gel - Not planned just when I feel like it.  A few times a race I will take a 1/2 ham and cheese sandwich instead of a gel.  If I am not eating bananas, I will take a potassium pill every 4 hours.

I tend to do 2 things:  1)  Over hydrate and 2)  Over-salt.  It is not uncommon for me to have to pee 20-24 times in a 24 hour race.  I will try to dial that down slightly this race, although I would rather over hydrate than under hydrate.

Post Race
1-gallon of water - To help flush all the toxins
600 calories of Pro-Source Extreme Nytro Whey Protein.
1-Succeed post race pill pack
540 calories of Endurox R4
What ever looks good at post race breakfast (Eggs, fruit, sausage & tater tots)

*  Of course there can be multiple adjustments - Specially in the 1st aide area.  Pepto, Tums, ginger root candy, coke, diet coke and anti-diarrhea pills could all be taken to respond to problems.  I am also thinking of packing some salty mashed potatoes with cheese and sour cream as a possible addition to the food I eat.

Good running to all -

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