Monday, May 14, 2012

FANS24 Approaches ~ Training Week Ending 5/13

180 miles in 25 hours 9 minutes - 15 Runs

This was a 90% max week ~ 180 miles.  It could have easily been 220 miles in 18 runs, but I cut back on a few runs and skipped opportunities to run.  Thursday was a nice 30 mile run on the Wiouwash rail trail ~ that could have easily been 40+.  Saturday was a 5 1/2 hour run on the Ice Age trail in the Northern Kettle Moraine ~ If I had the time I think I could have run 10 hours. 

My favorite run of the week was Saturday.  I ran the section of trail between New Fane and Highway H for the 1st time ever and I was lucky enough to meet the gentleman who upkeep the trail for this section at the Highway H trail head.  Nice to be able to chat and thank someone that helps make it all possible.

Saturday PM was spent with my wife's family for our niece Michelle's college graduation party at a Green Bay hotel overlooking Lambeau Field.  A nice family time that sadly had me eat a bunch of garbage and drink a bit more beer than I would have liked.  I finally overcame the handover and sludge in my body at 10pm Sunday night to get out and do a run.

More important this weekend was Mother's day - My wife Jill never gets enough thanks for all she does for our girls and myself.  It was nice to spend the weekend all together as a family.

19 days until FANS24

Good running to all -


  1. Glad you mixed in some family time. Nice to see some balance.