Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FANS24 Packing list

FANS 24 is 4 days away, so I have made my list of things to pack for the race.

I like to make sure my crew (DW Jill) has thought through what she needs for clothes, gear, food and drink.  For her to do the great job of attending to all of my needs like she always does, she needs to take care of herself 1st.  I let her make her own list - But please do not overlook the importance of your crews needs.

For me I break it up into 3 sections:

1st Aide
Medical tape
Duct tape
Blister patches
Ginger root
Toilet paper
Succeed post-race pill pack
Whey protein (Post race)
4 x 5 hour energy gels (I have never used in a race yet, but have along)
Sun screen

Clothes / Gear
5 - Pair of shoes (The year it rained 12 hours I wore all 5)
6 - Pair of socks
3 - Short sleeve tech shirts
2 - Long sleeve tech shirts
1 - Go-Lite Wisp coat
2 - Running hats
3 - Spandex shorts
3 - Race ready shorts
1 - Bandanna
2 - Headlamps + batteries (I do not need them for FANS - They are for the crew)
2 - Folding chairs (Easier to get back out of than lawn chair)
1 - Folding table
1 - Lawn chair
4 - Towels
1 - MP3 player + 2 headphones
2 - Pair light gloves
1 Hole punch - To minimize size of race number
Pen and pad of paper
IT Band strap

Food / Nutrition
30-40 Pounds of ice
8 Gallons of water
20 bananas
1 loaf bread or 12-15 buns
1# of ham
1/2 pound of swiss and 1/2 pound of Jacko cheese
Green and Orange Endurox R4
72 Gels - Powerbar Strawberry Banana
2 Liter bottle of Coke and Diet Coke
Succeed pre-race pill pack
3 hand helds
2 - 32 ounce empty bottles of Gatorade with tape lines for 10-13-16 ounce liquid lines (Mix endurox R4)
Snack Sized and Sandwich sized zip lock baggies
*  Maybe some salty mashed potatoes

Edited to add:
Baby wipes
Sun Glasses
I will have a 1st Aide bin that is labeled and organized and a  Clothes / Gear bin that is labeled and organized.

I am starting to get excited - Time is short

Good running to all!


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