Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No Point Bock 5 miler - Again

I am not sure when the race sold out.  Registration opened 1/1/13 at Noon and I looked 1/2/13 before noon and it was sold out.  2,000 spots for a 5 mile race in less than 24 hours.

They may open up spots or do a few charity spots - But I think I need to find another race.  Maybe it's God telling me to stop prioritizing races based upon how great the free post race beer is?

1st no Ice Age 50 miler (Milwaukee Ale House) and now now Point Bock 5 miler (Point Brewery) ... I guess it's a sign.


  1. 3 years since I attempted a 5 miler :). However, I will run my 1st Ice Age 50 Miler this year leading up to Kettle in June.

  2. I guess it closed in under 12 hours - 2,000 people for a 5 miler 1st weekend in March in WI ... under 12 hours ... must be the beer.

    You will love IA50!