Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Old ... er

In February I turn 44. 

Moderation is really not in my vocabulary, so when I downhill ski or play volleyball ... or like Sunday both, I end up pretty stiff on Monday morning.

I will comment on stiff days like today to my girls and the reply I get is "Daddy your not old, your not old until your 50."  Jeepers, I was hoping not to be old until I was old, not as early as 50!

I have been thinking about it lately.  Because of my full throttle approach to any sport, how will my body feel at 50 and beyond. There are days it feels used up already.

Will I have to stop taking jumps and doing tricks downhill skiing?  Will I stop doing the same wake boarding?  Should I stop trying to hit the ball as hard as I can in volleyball, golf and racquetball?

I figure once I use up my right elbow and shoulder, I can always have the challenge of learning all the sports I love left handed.

But how will I get my aerobic fix when all I can play is croquet and bocce ball?

Since according to my dear daughters I only have 6 good years left until I am "Old" I will have to enjoy life, making the most of them.

Good running to all!

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