Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Optimism

I am always optimistic in January or delusional?  I set up really hard stretch goals that have a hint of realism.  The plan is made and I start working toward those goals.  In 2 out of 9 years I have hit most of my goals, the last few years I have fallen flat on my face.

It is amazing in January what I think I can achieve by the end of August.  Then there will be a few set-backs ... But set-backs came be overcome.  Next the set-backs accumulate and the denial has to end.  Finally the reality of how much I will really achieve is accepted.

I could be happy to set nice, middle of the road, realistic goals ... But, it is January, and I am planning for great things in 2013. 

It is cold, but sunny - I think I will let the sun shine on my face a little longer.

Good running to all -


  1. I used to be nicknamed "Mr. January" because I ran great in the middle of the winter, but fell apart by April. If you meet your goals half of the time, you're about right; I exceed expectations by a lot in my first race each year and then overestimate from there.

  2. I am always out of shape in January - This year my goals are to run significant lifetime PRs for 5k, 5M and 10K. To give you a feel for how much work is ahead ... I will have to take @ 1 minute per mile off my current fitness just to reach my PRs and then a fight hard to take another 15-25 seconds a mile more on top of that.

    Unlike other years - my goals are focussed and complimentary. Last year I wanted to set 1 lifetime PR 5k-10k (Even by 1 seconds), run > 150 miles in a 24 hour race and win Glacial 50M a hilly, moderately technical trail race.

    5k - missed 12 seconds per mile
    Glacial 50 Mile - took 3rd
    24 hour race - 128 miles

    I ran more miles than ever > 6,000 and significantly missed my goals - not hitting one.

    I believe the mistake I made was I raced a marathon or longer race 12 times in 2012 - So I did not periodize enough, I had too much recovery time and did not peak correctly.

    So my focussed goal is 5k-10k distance. No FANS24, No Ice Age 50M, No Grandmas Marathon, No Dances With Dirt 50 Mile and sadly - No Superior 100M.

    This will be extremely difficult not to give into my urges to go long.