Thursday, January 17, 2013

Anticipating workouts

I am running less at a higher effort level.  I am taking time to recover.  I am anticipating, excited for my next workout.

I have more time for family and friends and all the non-running activities that I love.
For the past 6+ years I have trained mostly dead legged.  I would 1st add as much volume as I could handle and then start layer speed or hills on top of the volume.  This meant from day #1 of training I was tired.  Driven by the goal of putting maximum effort into a week, month or training period.  I was always trying to figure out how to recover enough for the next big workout - dreading it.

I am only in my 11th day of this training cycle - I am not beaten down yet, I am not tired, I feel like my workouts are a lacking the normal punishment ... inadequate, but, I am anticipating the next workout, like a kid on Christmas morning.

What results will come from this new direction?  Will I have the discipline to stay the course?

It's January and anything is possible!

Good running to all -

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