Thursday, January 31, 2013

Darkest before the dawn - SAD

I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and February is always the darkest time.  The days are still too short to see much sunlight before or after work.  The weather in WI is still cold, snow and ice impede running.

I start my training in January, but it usually is borderline, half-ass training.  The focus to hit runs, eat, drink and sleep for training comes and goes. 
February is always very good training.  I think it is my way to flip the middle finger at SAD.  I am focused on running, eating, drinking (+ not drinking alcohol) and sleeping well.  Does this improve my mental state or just give me something to focus on enough and get too busy to be depressed?

Here we go again the last day of January.  I am 220 pounds, I have been training half to three quarters-ass the last 4 weeks.  One last hurdle to get past (Superbowl weekend with friends) and it is training "Go" time.

My original goal was to weigh < 200 pounds by my birthday (2/27) ... that will not happen.  My new goal is to be < 210 by my birthday.

10 weeks until Boston - Need sub 3:00
26-27 weeks until goal races (Bun Run 5k and Otto Grunski Runski 10k)

Good running to all -


  1. It is so weird to see 5K and 10K in your race schedule - I should do the Seymour Bun Run, to go along with the Montgomery Kolacky Days Bun Run. Mmmmm.... buns.

  2. Yes - This is experiental year. I have never focused on anything shorter than a marathon. I am also experienting with training ~ Many less miles, fresher legs for workouts.

    To be honest, the transition is hard so far. It is easy for me to just run a bunch of miles and do speed the best I can. Miles = Primamry, Speed workouts = Secondary.

    Now I have flipped it for the 1st time, maybe forever. Sure I did a lot of speed work, but if I had to make a choice I would take a mediocre speed workout because of mileage.

    I am very excited to do something mentally and physically completely different this year.