Wednesday, October 9, 2013

7 Miles

I ran 7 miles last night without a walk break for the 1st time since the end of June.

It is sad how far out of shape I have fallen. But I find myself pondering a new thought ~ I wish I could hit the reset button and start over.

I often find myself burdened with memories of past fitness or accomplishments. I often let the past intefere with enjoying the experience of the present. I find these ghosts of the past constantly influencing my training goals and race expectations.

If I were starting today: 30 miles per week (MPW) would be solid, 100 MPW would be crazy talk. I could run races without expectations, because I would have no idea what I was capable of. Running would just be another thing I do for fitness. Running a marathon would seem out of reach. Running a 50 mile trail race not possible.

I could revel in the accomplishment of running 7 miles without a walk break.

I wish I had a reset button - putting me back to my orignal facotry settings.

I could feel the joy of each little accomplishment. The 1st time I ran 4,8, 10, 13, 15 or 20 miles would all special. The 1st time I won an age group award. Setting PRs in almost every race, many because I have never ran the distance before. Crying for no reason as I finished my 1st marathon.

I ran 7 miles last night without a walk break ~ Yeah, me!

Good running to all~


  1. Welcome to my world. I'm starting to get used to people say, "Wow, you used to be somebody!" 5 miles for me today.

  2. Mike, Your doing better than me I'm still up to 2 miles then have to walk since they fixed my heart. I keep hoping for improvement. Tim P.

  3. I am starting to be at peace with just taking what ever my body gives me and being satisfied. Some day if it means I am in PR shape ~ great! Some day if it means I am running as slow as today ~ I will take it ... better than nothing.

  4. Either way ~ I am hitting the reset button on my life time PRs

  5. Congrats on your 50 mile on little training. Did just experience get you through it?
    Tim P.