Sunday, February 2, 2014

John Dick Memorial "Crusty" 50k Results

This is a well run, low key and cheap ($10) winter trail run. My friend Andy and I met at 5:00am at the park and ride to head down for the 7:30am start. We stated on major road adding 15 minutes to the trip, but a little safer as there was 3-4 inches of fresh snow in southern Wisconsin. We arrived at 7am and in a blink of an eye we were off and running. There are 5 loops to the race and each loop starts / ends at a heated shelter where we all parked.

Loop #1 I settled in chatting with people, but soon decided I did not want to get sucked along faster while talking, so I pulled over and walked as 25-30 people passed. I started running at the back of this pack and chatted with Kevin a person I just had met for a couple of minuted until I walked and let him go ahead. I find my trail running rythm is different than most people and I generally do not play well with others, so I try not to run with people very often. The trails were slick, so I just fell into a slow plodding pace without much of a push off in my stride.

At the end of this loop, I spent 10 minutes putting on Yak Trax. warming up, and eating some real food. Loop #2 was much the same, I would catch up to people chat a little and then either pass or start walking. After loop #2, I took the time to change clothes and warm up again. Loop #3 was not much different, I did not waste as much time at the shelter, I was just continued plodding along.

In loop#4 I was feeling the best I had felt all day and actually started to run more, walk less. I also started to use more of a run stride intead of a shuffle stride. I think by this time I just wanted to be done and drink a beer.

In loop #5 I passed at least a dozen people. It was not because I was "Racing", but because I wanted to be done. Funny it hurt like "racing", but it had nothing to do with a finish time, beating someone or a personal goal. Finally the race was over, I went in and wrote down my finish time on the clipbaord: 6:26, had a bowl of chili and found a kind person that gave me a very nice IPA.

Once again I have proven 2 things to myself: 1) You do not need to be in shape to run an ultra (50k-50Mile) and 2) It really hurts / sucks to run an ultra out of shape. I am hoping I found some motivation to continue my consistent training beyond the last 5 weeks.

Good running to all!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Gearing up for the John Dick Memorial "Crusty" 50k Feb 1

When it comes to running outside in the winter I am worthless and weak. One reason could be that I have a very high sweat rate, so tend to create a lot of ice between layers, the other reason is that I actually like running on the treadmill.

I think I have run outside twice since December 1st, not that I have run inside much either. So why not sign up for a 50k trail race? Since weighing in at #260 Christmas week, I have been startng to train again. The last 5 weeks my mileage: 39.25 / 53.75 / 73.0 / 86.75 / 105.25. This weekend I did 2 decent treadmill runs; 32 miles on Saturday and 17 miles on Sunday.

I am just hoping to finish the race and if I can break 6 hours I will be happy.

Good running to all!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Update 1/22/14

It has been a long time since my last post. I did run the Glacial 50 mile race (October 13th) to get my Western States qualifying race. I ran a 1 minute negative split on the out and back course in 9:32:27. I do not think I could have run much faster for the shape I was in.

I failed to gain entry into Western States in the lottery.

I pretty much took most the rest of October, November and December off. But then something stange happened, I could barely tie my shoes. Many months of eating and beer drinking make my belly big enough that it was a real chore to reach those laces. Christmas I tipped the scales at 260 pounds. Enough is enough!

Although I do not plan on training "hard" or ever approaching my previous fitness level ... I have have to run. I have come up with a new plan that involves many activities other than running, but includes running almost every day. Well, to be honest, it is hobby jogging or gallow-walking at this time.

We have been downhill skiing when we can find the time for the 90 minute drive to Wausau's Granite Peak, so far 11 times this year. I have started playing racquetball again once or twice a week. Occassionally playing volleyball at the YMCA on pickup night and Walleyball with the family a few times a month. Next up is cross country skiing and snow shoeing.

So the bottom line is I will run, but less volume and less seriously. I will race, but slower and less seriously. I will post, occassionally.

Current weight #248 ... I can now tie my shoes again without straining.

Good running to all!