Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Big Horse 2013 Goals

My 2013 goals are pretty simple - Some are a broken record of past failures, but they are definitely taking a different turn.

Running related goals
 *  Run sub 3 marathon
 *  Run less miles than 2012
 *  Run faster (avg) in 2013
 *  Set short distance PR(s) = 5k - 10k
 *  Finish 1st 100 mile race

Other Goals for 2013
 *  Downhill Ski > 10 times
 *  Wakeboard > 20 runs
 *  Boat > 15 times
 *  Golf > 5 times
 *  Weights and Core > 150 times
 *  Weight < 200 by Birthday and stay there rest of 2013

One of my biggest goals is not an easy number related goal, it is to take the opportunity to do many more of the activities that I love to do. (Racquetball, tennis, volleyball to name a few)

I will not run as many marathons or ultras in 2013 - I am not ruling out a 24 hour race, although I have no plans for one right now. 

A Big Horse 2012 in review

2012 was the year of running many miles, running many races (For me) and performing mediocre or worse at almost all of them.

I will hit a little over 6,000 miles this year.  I have run 12 races of marathon distance or further with 3 tries at the 24 hour race.  Each 24 hour race is an emotional adventure that is always self enlightening.

I hit 192 pounds just prior to Badgerland Striders 24 - The lowest have seen on a scale in many years.  Since then I continue to struggle and after taking 10 days off after Desert Solstice 24 I am back @ 220 pounds.

2012 was an "OK" year.  I am happy to have met many new people, I learned some valuable lessons.  One lesson is that I need to do consistent speed work, I cannot just run a lot of miles, sharpen with speed for a few weeks and perform at a reasonable level. 

The adventure of the year was Glacial Trail 50M ~ After 2+ inches of rain Friday night and 3 inches during the race, it was a mud skating fest.

Disappointment(s) of the year = FANS24 and BLS24.  Both of these races I was in really good shape and ran too hard early and blew a chance at making the USA 24 hour team.  I believe this was a blessing from God.  Although I have had a couple of good 24 hour races in my career, I really do not like the 24 hour race and it beats the snot out of me.

Final thing I learned ... All running and no play makes this Big Horse unhappy.  I need to do a multitude of physical activities in addition to running to be happy.

May God bless your 2013

Good running to all!

Monday, December 3, 2012

I've Been Challenged - Desert Solstice

My friend Jen has challenged me to a 24 hour duel in the sun.  We are both running Desert Solstice on December 15-16th and to make it interesting she called me out to race for beer(s).

She has been running reasonably well lately with a 19:35 Heartland 100 mile finish (1st female 6th OA) in October. 

I took some down time in September and October, so I am not in top shape, but reasonable shape - So the 20 miles I agreed to spot Jen is reasonably fair.

My DW Jill is crewing both Jen and I - So it will be easy to keep track of where we are at in our battle.

Overall I feel pretty good, although the inside of my right knee still gets pretty angry some days.  2 days of downhill skiing this weekend did not help much.  The hope is that in the next 11 days of taper it will quiet down and disappear.

The field of 19 athletes is pretty stacked

Although you never know who is going for a super fast 100 mile time and who is going for the 24 hour distance.  I know for sure that Phil McCarthy, Jen Aradi and myself are all looking for the 24.

It's funny but if I would have a bad race, I could finish dead last with this field.  I have never finished dead last - I am hoping to save that experience for another time.

I think I better start over-dressing for my runs here on out.  The weather is a lot different in Phoenix than in Wisconsin this time of year.

Good running to all -