Friday, November 11, 2011

Running short

With the DNS at Monkey it leaves me with an opportunity to race shorter.

It has been a long time since I have seriously raced anything shorter than a marathon.  I have not even attempted to race shorter than a marathon since a half marathon in April 2010. 

Last serious 5k was September 2005.  I guess I like my pain to last a long time.

I am looking forward to the Noodlini 5k in DePere, WI - November 27th and the Frostbite 10 Mile in Steven's Point, WI December 3rd.  I plan on running these races as hard as I can with minimal taper.  I know I cannot scare my 5k PR (17:51) until 2012, but I am hopeful to take down the 10 Mile PR (1:01:57).

Training remains the same:  Consistent running, good workouts, tweaky hamstring, continued small improvements.  The training goodness makes me smile a lot!

Good running to all!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Moneky is Dead

The Monkey is really alive ... and strong ... and ready to beat down all who dare to challenge the Monkey!  But the Monkey is dead to me for 2011.

I am a DNS for my favorite race - Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon - Nashville, TN.  The course is a little sadistic - 3,500 feet of ups - 3,500 feet of downs on pavement.  I do not love this course because it is a PR course, but because it is a worthy adversary. 

Year #1 - I went toe to toe with the Monkey and although the Monkey won (3:00:46), it was an epic satisfying battle.

Year #2 - The Monkey batted me around and stomped on me (3:17:16).

I was looking forward to getting revenge this year.  I feel I am in sub 3 "Monkey" shape and to me that would be a win vs. the Monkey.

The best part of the Monkey experience is drinking beer and socializing afterward with all my Monkey friends.  The party starts immediately after the race with the Peoples' Buffet - Basically it is a pot luck and all the runners (200 strong) bring something to share.  Beer starts flowing at noon - I guess there is a silly Tennessee law forbidding taping a keg before noon.  After a short reprieve, the festivities continue at a local bar and restaurant past midnight.  I always take Monday off to partake in the festivities.

About a week ago, my Boss told me we have an important meeting with out President & VPs to present our locations strategy of growth for the next 3-5 years.  This meeting is on Monday after Monkey. This meeting I want to be at, this meeting I have to be at.

A choice had to be made.  Do I drive 11 hours to Nashville Saturday, run the race Sunday and immediately pile in my car to drive 11 hours home ... or DNS Monkey.  To run the race and drive home would mean I would still be pretty worn out ... for sure not very sharp Monday morning, so the choice became easy.

Monkey DNS!

I work for a company that is very tolerant, actually really supportive of my running hobby.  They allows me great flexibility to fit in my training.  One little running sacrifice seems a pittance compared to what I get in return.

Good running to all -

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tweaky Hamstring Continued

Not much new to report.

I took it easy last Saturday - Tuesday, only logging 31 miles in 4 days in hopes of putting my tweaky right hamstring issue behind me.  I really do not notice a change, I still have to stop ever speed workout or hill workout when it starts to bark at me.  The 4 day lull did manage to leave me refreshed and hungry to continue to train.

I completed week # 2 of re-starting leg weights, lunges and core work.  I do think eventually this will put the hamstring issue to bed, will help avoid future injuries and improve my form (Core).

The hamstring issue does not stop me from getting decent workouts in, it just cuts them short.

MON - 8 miles with 4 @ T
WED - 18 miles with 5x5 minutes @ 30 min race pace
FRI - 15 miles of hill loops (10 hill loops)
SUN - 16 miles with 3x2 miles @ T

Wednesday - I did the whole workout, but was pushing my luck.  Friday I had hoped for 21 miles, but cut it short.  Sunday's workout was planned at 4x2 miles and it was going smooth and easy until the end of #3 then it was obviously time to stop.

I do think by the end of November the issue will be over.  I continue to make steady progress on increasing speed with taking 3-4 seconds a week out of all paces. 

Good running to all!