Tuesday, October 8, 2013

5 days before Glacial 50M

I will be the least trained for any race I have done ... But I will also be the least over-trained for any race I have done.

I have had this habbit of over-training, then not tapering enough. I suck at taper and never taper enough to maximize my current fiteness.

At least for the Glacial 50M, I feel good ~ Not fit, but not beat up.

My training has been:

End of June to Mid September ~ Run / Walking on TM 4-5 times a week ... no core, weights or stretching
Week #4 ~ A couple of trail runs with my beautiful sister in CA ... total 38 miles for the week
Week #3 ~ Trained pretty hard: 1 30 mile rail trail run, one 100 minute technical trail run and one 20 mile trail on on actual race course ... Total 96 miles
Week #2 ~ 1 100 minute technical trail run, One TM hill workout ... Total 45 miles
This week ~ 1 80 minute technical trail run, 1 light TM hill workout ... total 30-35 miles pre-race

My back and hip and holding together, I can hear them wispering in the back ground, but they have not screamed since last Wednesday playing tennis.

I a weird way, I am looking forward to not caring about "racing efficiently". Taking my time at aide stations, diggin in my drop bag, chatting with other runners. A race with no self imposed pressures of finishing times or place.

The downside = By the time I finish, there will be little time left to sit and chat post race with other runners.

I am hoping to hit the turnaround at New Fane(mile 25) in 5 hours and finish between 9:45 and 10:30.

Good running to all!

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  1. well you got to believe in yourself and you will do better in this race. Your ambitious is high and you can deliver.