Monday, October 24, 2011

Tweaky Hamstring

I feel great - My legs have a lot of pep and my mind is loving training again. 

But ... Every workout for the last 4 weeks is being limited by a tweaky hamstring.  It results in a few less miles in long runs, fewer hill loop repeats and a less rep or 2 for speed workouts. 

I find it interesting that I am  limited to workouts that feel solid (good) but not great and yet overall I feel great and I am making nice weekly progress.  I am starting to wonder if "Great" workouts are counter productive.  Do they leave us older runners too beaten down to recover quickly enough for the next one? 

My tweaky hamstring has brought me to this revelation ... but now that I see the light, it can go away.  I have never suffered from any issues of the hamstring.  This is just a mild case of either tight or a slightly pulled right hamstring.  I will take my usual injury treatment route - Continue to train through it.

Good running to all!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Not training for a race

I continue to enjoy the training goodness ... But I have found something that I had previously lost. 

When I started running, I just wanted to improve.  Sure I raced, but no one race was  important to me.  Sometime between 2006-2008 I lost my way, I stopped training to become a better runner and started training to do the best I could in a particular race.

What's the difference?

If you only care about performance in a particular race you can make decisions that appear to help you achieve your goals for that race, but might be detrimental to you as a runner.  One example of this is Leadville - I would do 3 hill focused workouts per week - but no speed work.  24 hour racing - I still did speed, but too many times to count I would make decisions of distance or total mileage over speed and hills ... what are hills.

When you train for a race, race day come and goes.  There is always a mental let down and I will try and find another race to train for.  In the past few years this has led me to yo-yo into extremes of fitness levels.

So, once again I am not training for any particular races.  I am training to just improve as a runner.  This may lead me to be a jack of all trades, but a master of none, or may lead to new PRs ... We will see.  But I am looking forward to the variety.

Good running to all -

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Glacial 50k race report

Glacial 50M / 50k never disappoints.  A beautiful day running in the fall colors, followed by hanging out in the afternoon sun and drinking a few beers with friends (old and new).  I managed to keep the effort below race pace - But a strong paced training run.

A huge shout out for Cassie Scallon - Another amazing race.  She won the 50k race outright setting a new course record.  I did not see her time, but maybe 4:15  She already set the 50 mile course record in 2010 (7:45).  Although this is not a huge race, it is 25 years old and some great women have toed the line though the years ... I would expect to see more of her at the top end of race results in the near future!

Also a big congrats to my friend Craig Redfearn, who slowed down to run with me for the 1st 8ish miles.  He went on to a solid 4th OA finish in 4:33.  I ran my 1st ultra ever with Craig at the 50 mile version of this race back in 2006.

My time = 4:52 - 2:27 out and a 2:25 back in.  I was very happy that I signed up for the 50k, as the cool, sunny morning gave way to afternoon heat.

If you love really well run, smaller races with a home town feel - This race is a must do.

Good running to all -

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Glacial 50 Mile / 50k Preview

Great classic trail race - You should run it!

The glacial 50M / 50K is a "Runners Race".  Not a lot of hype or frills.  There are 7 aide stations for the 50 mile race - You need either 2 handhelds or a camelback for water.  The course has a nice mix of terrain:  Relentless ups and downs, grassy meadows, rocks and roots, Smooth through the pines.  Over all the most common terrain is lots of small hills with rocks and roots.  If you have ADD and lose your focus often, you will fall often.

Aide stations volunteers are very helpful.  The aide stations are stocked with everything you need, but not a lot more.  The finish line food is typically soup, chili, sandwiches with soda and water.  Last year there was a couple coolers of really good beer.  People tend to hang out after the race - either out in the sun or inside and chat.  Very relaxed atmosphere and laid back race.

One nice feature is they hand out awards as you cross the finish line.

Although an hour from my house, I consider this my home course.  I have ran different parts of this course 15-18 times this year.  So I signed up for the 50k this Saturday, not to race, but to support this great race and to enjoy a beautiful fall day on the trail.  Weather forecast is for 50 at start and around 70 at the finish. 

The 50k is stacked this year.  I see at least 2 women that would "chick" me even if I was running all out:  Christine Crawford (Hope she is strong after struggling with injury for a long time) and Cassie Scallon (The 50 mile course record holder).  A nice field of men also ... but my goal is not to race.  I hope to be around 5 hours, but if I am slower it is ok.  I consider this a training run for my next marathon - The infamous Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon.

Good running to all -