Sunday, April 24, 2011

Leadville Training Week # 3 Happy Easter

He is risen, He is risen indeed!

This week saw some ups and downs, with the high point Thursday night's hill repeats and payback coming on Saturday with a long run at Nine Mile Forrest Area near Wausau, WI.  Saturday started off really nice, rain and 41F - Keeping this big horse nice and cool.  Actually the 1st 2 hours were great as I ran the 13 different twisty, rocky, rooty mountain bike trails, then my legs turned to lead.  I think this is payback for the blissful pounding I gave them Thursday night.

I spent the next 4 hours doing 2 loops of the 20 km cross country ski trail.  The trails were very squishy with some snow and ice around.  I think there were 20-25 spots in the loop you had no choice but to go through water - Some ankle deep, some knee deep.  I really did not mind until I ended up almost knee deep in mud ... I did not see that coming, but luck would have it my shoes stayed on.

In the end @ 37 miles on fairly easy trails - but the slop made them moderately difficult.

MO = 6 easy in AM / 6 easy @ lunch / 5 easy TM in PM
TU = 14 with 5x4 minutes @ 5k pace TM in AM / 6 easy @ lunch - Snowstorm in PM @ 9 inches so our family went sledding - Great snow for building jumps on sledding hill ... sore butt
WE = 6 easy @ lunch (Slushy & sunny goodness) / 6 easy TM in PM
TH = 14 easy in AM / 20 hill repeat miles @ High Cliff in PM
FR = 8 easy in AM / 6 easy @ lunch
SA = 37 easy on trails (9 Mile Forrest - Wausau)
SU = 7 easy in AM

Total for week #3 = 141 miles - in the upper range of the time I want to spend running in a week.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Great night!

High Cliff Hill Repeats

I am in the 3rd week post achillies injury, so most days my legs only reluctantly cooperate.  My hill running has been a necessary evil, it is good work, but hard work.  Talking with Scott Jurek at the 2010 24 hour world championship, he said that it is not the lack of uphill training that kills WS100 or Leadville runners, it is the downhill running that people are not ready for.  My goal for Leadville is to really work on my downhill running.

Last night was a little gem - Sometimes in the middle of fumbling to get back into shape, you get a workout that makes you feel like you are in top shape.  I have forgotten how that feels and even if it is only for1 night -God has surely blessed me!

Last night I had to work a bit later and did not get out to the High Cliff (HC) State Park until 6:30pm.  I love spring running - It was 43F 6-8 mph winds with snow on the ground but not on the road or paved trail.  My mission was to run the tower hill road loop 10 times.  5 loops up the longer, but easier road hill and down the short and steeper trail hill and 5 loops the other way.

There were a fair amount of people walking up and down to the tower and some traffic, it is nice to see people getting a workout on this beautiful day. 

I was surprised on the 1st time up how easy the hill felt, this is foreign to me.  I could have run much faster but I wanted to be patient as steady wins the race.  Coming down the short and steep hill brought my quads back to reality - I might have bombed it a bit too fast.  The next long hill up felt crappy and I wondered if I would get the 10 loops in tonight, but that was the last time I felt bad.

I never pushed hard although I could have, just a nice moderate pace the whole workout.  8:00 it was getting dark and I had the park to myself for the rest of the run.  In the dark you could almost hear the snow melting and could hear the little rivers of water from melting snow flowing down to the lake.  The view of lake Winnebago was awesome - In the distance you could see the city lights of Menasha and Neenah.  It was dark and cloudy, but the snow reflected enough light to know where the road was at.

I never did get tired, although I could tell my legs were getting a little tight from the downhill running.  I felt like I could have run all night, but my goal was to only half bake my legs - So I stopped at 12 loops.  It might be awhile before I have another one of these.  Racing is nice, but the pure joy of runs like this is why I run.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leadville training week #2 - Good bye to a Grand Lady!

There are difinately more important things in life than training - Family is one of them.  This week we said good bye to my Grandma.  A hard working woman with a strong faith, but also kind and sometimes silly.   Born in 1924 she lived her whole life within 20 miles of Darfur, a town of little over 100 people in south west Minnesota.  Her life centered around her family. I would get almost weekly phone calls from Grandma to chat - my guess is most of the Grandkids did.  Since the summer of 2003 we have had a Grandmas Birthday camping weekend at my Uncle Doug and Aunt Shirleys house.  15+ campers circled in their yard with over 100 relatives and at least that many friends around during the weekend.  Good company, food, games, camp fire and beer.  Some traveled from near and some far for the Wolle Bolle camping weekend. It was a weekend for Grandma, all about family. All Grandma ever wanted for her birthday is that we would walk the 2 blocks Sunday morning to join her for church.  We will still have the camping weekend near Grandma's Birthday to remember the grand lady!

Now for the less important stuff - Week # 2 of training

M -  6 Easy am / 5 easy Noon
T -  13 hilly miles AM - Drove to the biggest hill I could find (Maybe 1 mile long) and ran up and down + a little on the bluff each time (Hill Bombing)
W - 5.5 easy AM
TH - 5.5 hilly miles PM

**  Basically I chose to eat, drink and play cards with family + play in the pool with my kids instead of trying to force a second run each day T/W/TH

FR - 4 easy at Noon / 12 easy PM
SA - 5k with DD#1 + 6 mile ( 2 @T) AM / 6 easy TM PM (Speed) - I guess half-ass speed
SU - 4:23 minutes on Ice Age Trail (Greenbush) - guessing 26 miles (Trail)

92 miles total for Week #2

All in all the week was exactly as it should be - Good family time and decent training.  Maybe a bit less food and a lot less beer. 

Today & Tomorrow we are getting 6-10 inches of snow.  Right now we are getting Lightening & Thunder Snow!  Looks like TM for a couple of days.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Best 5k ever

I have not run a 5k in a few years, I really do not like them Sam I am.  But my DD#1 Erin (10 yo) wanted to run some 5ks this year, so we started with Oshkosh 5k on Saturday.  Now Erin is not a runner (yet) but as a parent, I want to help her to learn to enjoy different experiences in life.  After playing basketball until February, her training has been doing a run / walk for 1-2 miles 1-3 times a week.  We have not found a middle gear yet, she runs really fast and walks really slow.

She was nervous for her 1st race, I do not think the weather helped.  Race day temps were 33-35F and moderate rain the whole time.  She ran her own race and I was there to keep her company and give her support.  I think we ran  40% and walked 60%, but we finished running and both had a big smile on our face!

I think both the race time of 42:15 and the weather can be improved upon next time - But it really does not matter, it was just nice to share the experience.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A new start - 2011 Leadville training week #1

I have always been a flat land, pavement pusher.  Being from Neenah, WI it is about the only option right out my door.  I tend to run on a treadmill (TM) more than most people and I actually enjoy TM running.  The last couple of years I have been feeling burnt out.  I am dedicate 2011 to new experiences and having fun.  Leadville 100 mile race seems to fit that bill as I have never run a 100 mile trail race and trail running or anything that involves hills is outside my comfort zone. 

Leadville training started April 4th after a long period of unfocussed training and most recently 2 weeks off to heal my right achilles tendon.  My focus is to learn to be a strong downhill runner - I will likely power hike most the steeper ups, but the downs are what will ruin my race if I am not well trained.

Leadville training week #1 - All runs are outside unless I state TM (Treadmill)

4/4 - AM - Easy 8 on TM (Hey you have to start somewhere)
4/5 - Lunch - Easy 6  / PM 90 minutes of hill bombing - 11 miles
(Basically run up easy and bomb down - repeat)
4/6 - Lunch - Easy 6 / PM easy 6 (I am really sore - I over did the hill bombing)
4/7 - AM - Easy 16 (Wanted a speed workout - still really sore - oops!)
4/8 - AM - 8 Speed workout (5k @ LAT) / PM easy 8
4/9 - AM - 4.5 hours of trail running - 27 miles on the Ice Age trail near Greenbush WI
4/10 - Lunch - Easy 9 on TM with 1.5 walking @ 15% incline / PM - Easy 6

Total mileage 111 miles in 11 runs - Nice start.  Now I just need to get my eating better - 195 will make the race a little easier.