Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29th Still Alive

   I am remain on break from any serious running or training.  This break may last the rest of the year. 

   I do hobby jog 5-7 days a week, once per day.  If I feel like running long, I do.  If I feel like a speed workout, I do that too.  I often start the week with a pretty strong plan, only to skip or significantly shorted 3-4 runs a week as I am enjoying letting life get in the way.

Since my last post I have raced (Fun run)
3/23 - Clinton Lakes 30 miler 5:06:48 13/65
4/15 - Boston Marathon 3:12:39
5/4 - Run for Home 10k 41:27

All 3 runs were at least 1 minute per mile slower than I should be at if I were in serious training, but I did enjoy racing.

I am looking forward to crewing my friend Don Sullivan this weekend at FANS 24.

I have a few more fun runs planned this summer ~ But now it is boating season, and I doubt the training will get very serious.

Good running to all!