Tuesday, September 4, 2012

BLS 24 Hour Race Report - Initial Short Version

200,400 meters in @ 22:15 - I called it early as I could not hit any of my goals and my hip was pretty messed up.

Overall it was a great race - 1st class organization, facilities and resources.  From the easy to access bathrooms without losing much time or distance to the on site med person to stretch and fix you up.  Fun and attentive volunteers and a good group of people racing the 6-12-24.

Thank you Robert Wehner and Badgerland Striders!

I ran without a watch and went by feel - apparently my feel was off as I felt awesome through 12 hours and it went south really quick after that.  I hit 80.25 in 12 hours.

I had many issues - But they were just irritations and not limiting.  Limiting issues were my hips and mental toughness - I have never experienced hip issues in a 24 hour race before.

The hip issue is easy enough to avoid and fix with specific exercises targeting the area.  Many of the smaller issues I need to work through. 

The other bigger issue is mental ~ In this race, I tried restarting some momentum with running 4-8 laps and then walking a lap or other sequence to salvage the race 7 or 8 times and each time I ended up feeling dizzy and "stick a fork in you - done" when I started to walk.  This may sound physical to you and yes this is a physical issue, but my letting it limit my performance is also mental.  I did not want it bad enough - I needed to have the mental courage or stubbornness to say:  "I can back off when I pass out!". 

If I am unable to find this mental place again for 24 hour races, I should stick to races less damaging on my body.

Healing has begun as I try to get physically ready for Glacial 50M in 39 days.  Somewhere along the journey, I need to regain my confidence and mental toughness.

In a few days I will post about the actual racing -

Good running to all!


  1. Congrats on still an amazing race even if things didn't go as planned. Amazing to see you keep pushing through what looked like a lot of pain there in the middle of the night. 200k is amazing! Best wishes at Glacial Trail, I might be in for the 50K, the 50M last year. -John (the guy in pink.)

  2. 80 in 12 hours may have been the problem. As I've been told many times (and unfortunately always ignored), the race doesn't start until the sun goes down. You'll be fine for Glacial - it's practically a sprint for you!

  3. Still a fine dang effort! Rest up and heal quickly. Glacial awaits and we both know about that race :).

  4. Steve - It was part of the issue - But with the goal of 150+ it was right on target and felt like it was ok compared to the other 2 times I did well.

    John - Hope to see you at Glacial

    Craig - I will be at Glacial - But plans may have changed with the failure at BLS24 - I may be in for another year-end 24 adventure and tone down glacial effort. Good luck at St Pats!