Monday, September 17, 2012

Tweaked Achillies Tendon

Of course, not from running ...

I set up a monthly volleyball fellowship night at our church.  Our 1st time playing was September 9th - 1 week post BLS 24 hour race.  We had a great group and all had a good time - Playing some decent volleyball for a little over 2 hours.

The next day I woke up with 2 ailments - A very sore left glute muscle and tight IT band and a tweaked right achilles tendon.  The IT band is pretty easy to treat and will be a distant memory within 2 weeks.  The achillies tendon is always a struggle to heal. 

I tend to treat it with Ibuprofen, no speed work, keeping the leg muscles rolled out and a nightly series of hot / cold water soaking.  I get 2 - 5 gallon buckets:  One I fill with a bunch of ice and put water into, the other with water as hot as I can stand.  5 minutes in cold, then 5 in hot ... repeat for 1 hour if you have time.

If all goes well it is usually 2 weeks of sharp pain, 2 weeks of dull pain and 2 weeks of light to no pain, but not enough confidence to start speed work.  So 6 weeks of slow running on soft surfaces (TM and Dirt mainly).


  1. Good luck with that achilles! I've been dealing with it since February. Been taping it daily with KT Tape. Seems to be working, but I do notice my uphill running is labored on that right side from time to time. My left IT Band has been haunting me for over 4 years. Some days it likes me, some days it doesn't.

  2. In the last 4-5 years any achillies issues have been acute = related to one athletic effort ~ Never running, but playing volleyball or racketball etc. It seems to heal in 6 weeks with the treatment I described.

    The protocol here for strengthening makes sense

    I generally just run easy for 4-6 weeks and definately no speed. If I am looking for a variety - a little trail running (Hills) I will chance that.

  3. Yeh, those exercises appear to be what any Physical Therapist might prescribe. My biggest issue is that I haven't strayed away from speed work nor pushing it harder in races. I've had some good results this year, but also a DNF/DNS. I'll live. Heal quickly!