Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Goose Bumps 6 hour fun run is this weekend

Goose Island - Stoddard, WI (Near LaCrosse)

This is a 1st annual fun-run to raise awareness for Lupus.  My friend Richard as been fighting Lupus for a couple of years now.  It has put him on his back a bunch of times, but Richard will always get up one more time that he falls down.

I new nothing about the disease until it hit Richard, his treatments have been aggressive including Chemo. 

I was fortunate enough to pace Richard to his 1st Superior Trail 100 Mile race finish in 2009.

My whole family is doing this as a fun family event.  The weather is a little iffy with a high of 56, 16 MPH winds and predicted rain.  We will see how my girls (11,7) and wife do in the cold rain.  We are hoping to get to 100k as a family.  I will be the anchor one way or another, depending on how my achilles tendon holds out.

We will find a way to have fun!

If you are interested - Check it out on Facebook

10-4 Saturday 9/22

Good running to all -

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  1. Hey Mike, Looking forward to seeing your whole family on Saturday. Hopefully that rain is just an A.M. thing like they are saying. I do have nice shelter rented as well for them to get out of the rain and dry out. Thanks for the plug.