Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post BLS 24 - Ready to Start Training Again

Four days of gluttony are enough for this Big Horse to have stepped on the scale this morning and see +20 pounds.  Of course that is just my body full of the poisons of ice cream, chocolate, chips, pudding - yes lots of pudding, carbs of all shapes and sizes, red meat and lots of alcohol.  All of this consumption, with not enough h2o, has also caused my body to be puffy with liquid hoarding. 

Oh yes, the joys of being me.  Reality is I can only gain about a pound a day of fat - So I will be fine (+5 pounds) by Monday after my body normalizes.

Today I ran for the 1st time post BLS 24 - A nice easy 7 miler on the treadmill.  I also made out my plan for the rest of the year.  My plans are always very loose and subject to changes between days or weeks, but I tend to stick to the general intent and total mileage range of the plan.

I have 3 basic goals to work on in 2012:
1)  Lose weight - I will weigh 180 pounds
2)  Strengthen hips and core
3)  Get my paces significantly faster - I believe I can achieve a 5k pace of < 5:30, a 10 mile pace of < 5:51 and a marathon pace of < 6:15 by year end

In the midst of all this training I still have 2 goal races:  10/14 Glacial 50 Mile and 11/18 Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon.  I have adjusted my original goals for these races.  I would consider the Glacial 50 a success if I could beat my best time on this course = 7:50 and Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon a success if I break 2:55.  The marathon has 3,500 feet of gain and 3,500 feet of loss, so < 2:55 is about equal to < 2:50 on many marathon courses.

Badgerland Striders 24 - Was a disappointment.  Now that the original self pity for blowing the opportunity is gone, I am left with a good amount of training fortitude and anger to pull from in training  the rest of the year. 

This year my training has been really good, but I have under performed in races.  But I am happy not to have any DNS or DNF races this year (knock on wood).

Good running to all!

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