Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 Badgerland Striders 6/12/24 Track Race

You might have noticed my 2012 race schedule now includes the Badgerland Striders 6/12/24 track race in Germantown, WI.  Is this a spur of the moment decision?  Not at all.  I talked way too much about FANS24 and worked myself into a frenzy of excitement from the anticipation.  I had contemplated not even admitting to this race until after it was complete, but I do want to share a few thoughts today.

This is the 1st of 3 "Goal" races between now and November 18th.

9/1-2  BLS 24 Hour Track Race
10/14  Glacial 50 Mile Trail Race
11/18  Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon (3500 feet of gain, 3500 feet of loss)

Although all 3 are goal races - Naturally the 1st race will get the most out of my body.  My training has had the variety needed to do well at all 3 races, but not focused on any one race.  The long ultra runs are key to the 24 hour and the 50 mile, but do little for the marathon,  The hill grinding and longer hilly trail runs are great for the 50 mile and the hilly marathon, but not as much benefit to the 24 hour.  The speed work provides only marginal benefit to the 24 hour and 50 mile, but essential to the marathon.

What does this all mean?  I am excited to find out.  It could be that the variety to keep me versatile has also let me keep fresh and stronger.  It could also mean that I am only mediocrely trained for each.  We will find out in the next 48 hours for race #1.

My goals for the race:
1)  Support and encourage my kick-ass runner friend Jen - Both positive and if need be any means of psychological warfare necessary.
2)  Run an intelligent and patient race = Be in position the 2nd half of the race (Specially last 8 hours) to be racing.
3)  Stay moving all 24 hours
4)  Mileage ?  It will be what it will be - This race, I am running by feel and not by goal or the watch

There are a couple question marks going into the race:  How will I do with high 70s weather (The 2 races I have done well at - have been 50s)?  how will running 24 hours on the monotonous surface of the track and running corners treat my feet, knees and hips?  How will running with (going around) 45 people on the track effect the race?  There are 9 in the 12 hour race, 16 in the 6 hour race and 20 in the 24 hour race that will be sharing the track in the 1st 6 hours.

I have learned something about myself in every 24 hour race I have run - I wonder what I will learn this race?  The 24 takes you through many intense levels of emotion and psychological places - Some light, some dark, but all more powerful than I have ever experienced any other time in life other than an all out 24 hour race.

I am fit and ready - Let the adventure begin.

Good running to all!


  1. Hope you have good weather. I recall Ryan Dexter saying once he was going for Pirrung's record there, but it was 100 degrees and humid and I don't think he made it to 50 miles.

  2. Ryan ran 125+ in 2010

    The weather is reasonable - Similar to FANS this year. Mid to upper 70s with nightime in the low to mid 60s.

    Roy's 1985 record of 137.99 still stands = a hair ober 555 laps ... That is a lot of circles.

  3. You should really race as hard as you can at the 24 hour and the 50 mile, no need to save anything for the monkey. No reason at all.

    Your friend,

  4. I am planning on it A1 - For Monkey I plan on only being left with my pain, anger and the deamons in my head. I am hoping we are enough.

    Each one is to be treated like the only think that matters - Nothing will be held back ... no quarter given.