Monday, September 10, 2012

2012 - 24 Hour World Championship - Katowice Poland

A very exciting weekend for fans of USA 24 hour teams.  The IAU had great coverage with a hourly spreadsheet of all runners posted. 

The USA Women handily won gold 694,621 meters
Connie Gardner - 240,386 (149.37 miles - New USA Women's National Record)
Suzanna Bon - 131,074 (New PR)
Anne Lundblad - 223,160 (Not a PR, but a great run)

*  All 3 have secured their spot on the 2013 USA 24 hour team by virtue of finishing in the top at at the 2012 World championship (2nd/5th/9th)

France - 666,503 - Silver
Great Britain - 666,461 - Bronze ... yes by 43 meters

*  GBR had the Women's individual gold medalist - Emily Gelder @ 238,876.  Can you imagine the excitement of the French women and disappointment of the British women by the 43 meters score for the 3 women for 24 hours - Wow that is close!  They would have no idea until the measured the short laps who was silver and bronze - likely not until the medal ceremony.

On the Men's side - Team USA took it out hot and heavy.  Mike Morton lead from the start and was the individual gold medalist with a new USA National record of 277,544 (172.46 miles).  Team USA lead the team event for the 1st 23 hours.  Their fast early running put a hurt on many teams including themselves.  In the last hour they fell to the Bronze medal spot by less than 2 km.  The gold medal team - Germany ran a brilliant, even split race that allowed them to finish at the top of the podium

Mike Morton is the only USA Men's runner to secure his spot on Team USA for 2013 World Championship with his 1st OA place (Top 10). 

These spreadsheets never post well - So I highlighted the information I was trying to convey - Total distance, the percent distance 2nd 12 hours compared to 1st 12 hours and total Team distance.

  24 Hours 1st 12 2nd 12 % Change
Reus GER 261,718 131,314 130,404 99% = 99% 2nd 12 hours meters vs. 1st 12 hours
Venicek GER 251,800 128,224 123,576 96%
Hosl GER 245,939 122,045 123,894 102% Germany Team Total 759,457
Dilmi FRA 257,819 139,038 118,781 85%
Fontaine FRA 251,129 131,314 119,815 91%
Harruis FRA 247,762 128,224 119,538 93%  France Team Total 756,711
Morton USA 277,544 148,308 129,236 87%
Lewis USA 239,725 134,404 105,321 78%
Fejes USA 237,518 128,224 109,294 85%  USA Team Total 754,787

I believe that these are PRs for all three USA runners - They ran a gutsy race, showing their toughness in the 2nd half.  It's easy to look at the positive split from you chair.  To fight for every meter in the last 6 hours of a race when you body and legs are spent - That is something that takes more mental toughness than most of us will ever possess.   I am sure the Men are disappointed after leading for 23 hours, but congratulations on another podium finish and fighting valiantly to the end!

Good running to all -


  1. I had to do the math; Morton averaged just better than 8 1/2 minutes per mile for an entire day. That's hard to imagine!

  2. He did 7:12 minute miles through 5 hours ~ 36 miles

    41,711 ~ 25.9 miles in 3:03:32 ~ 7:05 pace or a hair less than 3:06 for the 1st marathon.

    @ 92 miles in 1st 12 or 7:49 pace

    I think the amazing thing is after her started off so fast he was able to sill run 80.4 miles in the last 12 hours.

  3. Great analysis, Michael - thank you. And thanks for providing all the great updates throughout the day to the UltraList folks.

  4. Thank you for posting this, I had seen some of the results but not all put together. I have no idea how you and the other great 24 hour runners, put together such amazing days. TO run 70,80 and now 92 miles in 12 hours and then to hold on not just for another 12 hours but to turn up the heat a bit towards the end.. Mental maniacs, you guys Own your body.