Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cut-Back Week Ended 8/26/2012

Cut-back in terms of mileage and total length of harder workouts - But not from intensity of workouts.  I really focused on weight loss this week, just eating enough to do the work I needed to get done.  The last 4 weeks have been: 141, 183, 136 and 103. - This week had a lower level of nutrition, good intensity of workouts ~ I feel like I worked just as hard this week as the last 3.

M - 10 Easy (Last day of vacation in Minocqua)
T - 6 Easy / 14 With Tempo (2x3 Miles @ 6:00 pace)
W- 8 Easy / 6 Easy
TH - 6 Easy / 12 Hill Grinders (Fast and Strong)
F- 8 Easy / 6 Easy
SA - 12 Vo2 / 5 Easy (2 fast miles - 1 all out 5:33 no top end speed)
SU - 6 Recovery / 4 Easy + striders (6 was a nice slow jog in the rain)

Total 103

I have been in control of my eating (Except Monday), I drank a bit on Vacation - but moderately.  I feel I am in a great position.  About the lightest I have been as a runner (195), about the fastest I have been as a runner (Within 5 seconds per mile for 5k-marathon), the strongest I have been as a hill climber / bomber and near the best aerobic conditioning for ultras (50Mile - 24 hour race). 

I am far from satisfied as I see I can be much better in each of those categories.

Plus ~ Just because I say it and feel it, does not make it true until I prove it.  So that is my goal for the rest of the year ~ To turn the fitness into some race results!

Good running to all -


  1. DB, sounds like you're getting things turned around! Is Glacial 50M your goal race this fall? Anything else? You should come to Hellgate with us this year (December)

    Joe J

  2. Hellgate - Another one of those races with ominous names - like "Candian Death Race".

    I have Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon as a goal race + maybe one more that would not allow the Hellgate idea.

  3. I like the sound of your current weight and Fitness, keep it up!

    RIchard Chrz