Monday, August 13, 2012

Training week ended 8/12/2012

Our friends from Chippewa Falls backed out last minute from hosting us for a weekend - Completely understandable as a Uncle from South Carolina unexpectedly appeared.  This completely changes my thoughts on my training week.

As I have said before I am generally trying to get in 3 kinds of workouts each week:  1)  Speed, 2) Hill grinding and 3) Long (at least 30 miles).  There are times I can double up on a workout and do Long / Speed or Long / Hill Grinding.

This was my best training week or the year - But I also have to be careful as I have no intention of trying to ride the hard training / injury line.  I am still trying to keep all my workouts at "Moderate".  The problem can be is each workout is at the hard end of moderate, but the weeks worth of work can still be over the edge.

I have 3 goal race this fall and I need to be healthy to pull off the "Hat Trick". 

Monday - 9/6 - Easy Day
Tuesday - 6/7/13 - The 13 was suppose to be a 20+ mile track run, but Sat race and Sundays 23 were still heavy in my legs
Wednesday - 6/18.5 - Speed - The 18.5 had 4x1 mile @ 5:49 on TM - By far the best I have felt running fastish
Thursday - 10.5/6/4 - Easy day - I shut down the PM run as it was not feeling easy
Friday - 9/33 - Hill Grinding / Long day - Best run of the year on HC Tower loops - I felt like I could have run them all night, but the park closes at 11pm
Saturday - 11/6 Easy day
Sunday - 31 - Long track day / 8 easy - I want to do a track 24 someday.

183 miles in 24 hours and 34 minutes - This was definitely a 100% week - I would consider anything > 160 miles a 100% week - Add in the speed and hills and it might have been a bit much.  I feel really good, but a 40 something runner has to train smarter.  My right foot is sore from Friday's 4:45 of Hill pounding (My glutes too)

Good running to all -

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  1. Yeah, I'll say that was a nice week. I see you are in for Badgerland. Good for you. Like yourself I am running a 24, but am in for St. Pat's with it being 15 minutes from my doorstep. But first up is the North Face 50M(Sept) and another possible 50M at the end of Sept or beginning of Oct. Then a 3 week taper down.

    Like you, I need to be careful with pushing it to hard. I've had my issues (achilies) but continue to run through them. I'm around 55-75mpw, with a high of 90 in mid July.