Thursday, August 2, 2012

Seymour Bun Run - Pre Race Thoughts

I have always wanted to do this race - Mainly because I think the name is funny.  The name does make some sense since it is part of Hamburger Festival.   Seymour claims to be the home of the hamburger.

This will be another nice family event with my wife and 2 girls joining in for the 5k.  My oldest daughter has been doing 3-4 times a week training (Very easy running), so I am excited to see how she does.  My Wife and youngest are just participating ~ But it will be fun for them.

I have not done a 5k in a really long time.  I think the last one I can was winter of 2007 on icy roads.  After 2 years of running only marathons or further this will be my 3rd attempt at a shorter race.

I was feeling pretty good before vacation, thinking mid 18s was a good goal.  But, after the training train wreck I will be happy to be around 19.  I am pushing the mileage pretty hard this week with the 40 miler Tuesday night and a big day / night on Thursday, so my time could be a lot worse.

This will kick off my plan of doing consistent speed work in the month of August.

Good running to all!


  1. You'll have to do Kolacky Days Bun Run next!

    1. "See More" Bun run ~ I picture the localish 80 year old guy that still runs in his high split "Old Style Beer" shorts that are very short with a high inseam.

      I have a hard time wrapping my mind around 5ks and have only done a handful. I am more used to trying to wrap my mind around 5k x 50.

  2. Enjoy Mike, I can't wait to hear how Erin does and good luck to Jill and Kate as well.