Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Feeling good - Week ended 8/19/12

After riding the over-training red line, things went really good last week.  Monday was the long trail run that I went too fast and felt crispy.  Tuesday I only ran 1 easy run and seemed to bounce back decently.  Sat-Mon was one last family vacation in Minocqua, WI - One of our favorite places to vacation.

M  8/26 (Ice Age Trail in Northern Kettle Moraine)
T  9
W 7/17 (with 4x1 mile - 5:40-5:50 pace)
TH 8/6
F 16/8 (8 in PM finished with 4@T - 23:28 ~ 5:52 pace)
SA 8 (Then up to Minocqua for a day of boating and fun)
SU 15/8 (Bearskin Trail - 15 finished with 5x5 minutes @ 30 minute race pace)

Total = 136 - 3 good speed workouts + 1 long trail run

The week ended up more mileage than I wanted for a cut back week and with 4 good workouts ~ Although a lot less than the previous week of 183 miles, this was not a cut back week!  I will have to put some serious discipline into actually cutting back this week.  The plan is to keep mileage between 95-105 miles with 1 harder LAT workout, 1 easier Vo2 max workout and a moderate hill grinding workout.

I am really happy with my progress on speed and overall fitness this summer.  I have been making constant improvement - But I am starting to get greedy and push the workouts from moderate to hard.  I need to put the discipline back into keeping the effort level moderate.  There is a lot I want to accomplish this fall and next spring and I cannot be successful if I get injured!

Good running to all!

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