Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My nutrition for a heavy training load

Nutrition becomes more complicated because it is not just how many carbs you eat, but almost more important is what type and when you eat them.  I tend to eat less solid food in heavy training and start taking more Endurox R4 (No I am not sponsored) immediately after most runs runs.  If I feel I am short on protein I tend to turn to Pro-Source Nytro Whey Extreme (not sponsored).  I am a heavy sweater, so electrolytes are always an issue, so I end up very reliant on Succeed S-Caps (not Sponsored)

When I get into really high mileage 170-200+ miler per week, I can no longer eat today to power my run tomorrow.  I eat today to help my body recover and not break down.  I eat right before my run and during my run to help give me the energy to power my run.  Yes, I realize I am also taking from fat and my depleted glycogen stores, but it is more the mentality that is important.  Eating during a run to power that run is great practice for 24 hour racing.  In long runs > 30 miles, I tend to take calories and S-Caps exactly how I would during a race.

I will post my in race fueling strategy for a 24 hour race a few days before NorthCoast 24

Good running to all -

I wish I could accomplish higher mileage nutrition with real food - God knows I love to eat, but I find I recover quicker for the next run with the above products.

Good running to all -

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  1. You should take complete rest and should take a lot of greens and proteins in your diet. Bananas are a great source of carbohydrates and potassium. As a runner, you need it. Drink a lot of water.