Monday, September 12, 2011

NorthCoast 24 - Let the pre-race tweaking begin

We drop the kiddos off Friday at school, then onto Cleveland, OH.  So I actually started thinking about the race today.

Tweaking = Over thinking about founded or unfounded issues for the race.

My tweaking
1)  Slightly injured achillies last Monday - I have ignored it and trained as if it were fine.  As of today it still hurts moderately.
2)  I have lost 10 pounds since Leadville - But I am still 215# - I have given myself a big handicap to overcome.
3)  Shoes - I have 15 pair out there, all moderately worn, none fresh enough for 24 hours.  Someone I have dreadfully mismanaged my shoes in the last 2 years.
4)  The competition - The list is already strong, but I hear rumor of a few more elite men being added ...
5)  To do well in the 24 hour it is an all or nothing proposition.  You have to be willing to destroy yourself totally and see what you get.  Anything other than an "All in" mentality - You might as well stay home.  I need to get myself ready mentally.
6)  Unlike other times when I race a 24 hour "All in", I am a long shot to making my minimum distance = 140 to make the trip worth it.
7)  Not having trained worth a darn since end of June - I ran 121 miles two weeks ago and 126 miles last week - So I am a little light on tapering.

With all that being said - I am getting pretty excited to go out to Cleveland and test my current fitness level.

Good running to all -

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