Sunday, April 24, 2011

Leadville Training Week # 3 Happy Easter

He is risen, He is risen indeed!

This week saw some ups and downs, with the high point Thursday night's hill repeats and payback coming on Saturday with a long run at Nine Mile Forrest Area near Wausau, WI.  Saturday started off really nice, rain and 41F - Keeping this big horse nice and cool.  Actually the 1st 2 hours were great as I ran the 13 different twisty, rocky, rooty mountain bike trails, then my legs turned to lead.  I think this is payback for the blissful pounding I gave them Thursday night.

I spent the next 4 hours doing 2 loops of the 20 km cross country ski trail.  The trails were very squishy with some snow and ice around.  I think there were 20-25 spots in the loop you had no choice but to go through water - Some ankle deep, some knee deep.  I really did not mind until I ended up almost knee deep in mud ... I did not see that coming, but luck would have it my shoes stayed on.

In the end @ 37 miles on fairly easy trails - but the slop made them moderately difficult.

MO = 6 easy in AM / 6 easy @ lunch / 5 easy TM in PM
TU = 14 with 5x4 minutes @ 5k pace TM in AM / 6 easy @ lunch - Snowstorm in PM @ 9 inches so our family went sledding - Great snow for building jumps on sledding hill ... sore butt
WE = 6 easy @ lunch (Slushy & sunny goodness) / 6 easy TM in PM
TH = 14 easy in AM / 20 hill repeat miles @ High Cliff in PM
FR = 8 easy in AM / 6 easy @ lunch
SA = 37 easy on trails (9 Mile Forrest - Wausau)
SU = 7 easy in AM

Total for week #3 = 141 miles - in the upper range of the time I want to spend running in a week.


  1. Good to see you're blogging! Even better that your 5K is half as fast as mine!

  2. Hey Mike, Looks like another good week for you. Keep at it, glad you did not loose the shoe :)

  3. Thanks Steve and Richard

    Pretty soon I might have to get some trail shoes.