Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leadville training week #2 - Good bye to a Grand Lady!

There are difinately more important things in life than training - Family is one of them.  This week we said good bye to my Grandma.  A hard working woman with a strong faith, but also kind and sometimes silly.   Born in 1924 she lived her whole life within 20 miles of Darfur, a town of little over 100 people in south west Minnesota.  Her life centered around her family. I would get almost weekly phone calls from Grandma to chat - my guess is most of the Grandkids did.  Since the summer of 2003 we have had a Grandmas Birthday camping weekend at my Uncle Doug and Aunt Shirleys house.  15+ campers circled in their yard with over 100 relatives and at least that many friends around during the weekend.  Good company, food, games, camp fire and beer.  Some traveled from near and some far for the Wolle Bolle camping weekend. It was a weekend for Grandma, all about family. All Grandma ever wanted for her birthday is that we would walk the 2 blocks Sunday morning to join her for church.  We will still have the camping weekend near Grandma's Birthday to remember the grand lady!

Now for the less important stuff - Week # 2 of training

M -  6 Easy am / 5 easy Noon
T -  13 hilly miles AM - Drove to the biggest hill I could find (Maybe 1 mile long) and ran up and down + a little on the bluff each time (Hill Bombing)
W - 5.5 easy AM
TH - 5.5 hilly miles PM

**  Basically I chose to eat, drink and play cards with family + play in the pool with my kids instead of trying to force a second run each day T/W/TH

FR - 4 easy at Noon / 12 easy PM
SA - 5k with DD#1 + 6 mile ( 2 @T) AM / 6 easy TM PM (Speed) - I guess half-ass speed
SU - 4:23 minutes on Ice Age Trail (Greenbush) - guessing 26 miles (Trail)

92 miles total for Week #2

All in all the week was exactly as it should be - Good family time and decent training.  Maybe a bit less food and a lot less beer. 

Today & Tomorrow we are getting 6-10 inches of snow.  Right now we are getting Lightening & Thunder Snow!  Looks like TM for a couple of days.


  1. This is a great post! read it till the end and loved it truly. thanks for keeping us updated this way. i wish you the best of luck with your work. take care :)

  2. Your Grandma is really an active lady i must say. At this ageof 20's doing a workout of full week routine i can only dream of but she is so good wit that. After reading this blog i am also going to start again my workout routine.